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Tracking O's Minor League Offseason Moves - 2013


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With the first few minor league players having declared free agency and our first announced minor league signing of the offseason, I thought it might be time to start the thread similar to last year's (and Crazysilver's in years past) which will cover all the offseason transactions for the Orioles. Let me know if you hear of any more.


Signed to 40-man Roster:

- Trayvon Robinson (trade with Seattle)

- Danny Valencia (trade with Boston)

- Yamaico Navarro (trade with Pittsburgh)

- Nate McLouth (re-signed)

- TJ McFarland (Rule 5 from Cleveland)

- Russ Canzler (waivers from New York Yankees)

Signed to Minor League Contract:

- George Barber (Angels)

- Jason Pridie (Phillies)

- Daniel McCutchen (Pirates)

- Luis Pardo (Indpt - Trinidad Triggers)

- Marcel Prado (Indpt - El Paso Diablos)

- Conor Jackson (White Sox)

- Jose Gil (Yankees)

- Adam Russell (Braves)

- Tom Boleska (Indpt - Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks thru rule 5 draft, AAA phase)

- Jim Vahalik (Indpt - Washington Road Warriors)

- Shawn Roof (Tigers)

- Niuman Romero (Tigers)

- Travis Ishikawa (Brewers)

- Daniel Schlereth (Tigers)

- Zach Braddock (Brewers)

- Zech Zinicola (Nationals)

- David Quinowski (Indpt - Lincoln Saltdogs)

- Zach Staniewicz (Indpt - Rio Grande Valley WhiteWings)

- Manny Delcarmen (Yankees)

- Rob Delaney (Marlins)

- Mark Hendrickson (no team last year)

- Luis Martinez (waivers from Texas, then passed through waivers)

- Kyle Hudson (Tampa, originally drafted and signed by Baltimore in 2008-4th round)

- Jairs Jurrjens (Braves)

- Kevin Jacob (Cardinals)

- Harry Marino (Diamondbacks)

- Michael Joseph (Marlins - in 2009)

- Tucker Nathans (Indpt - Florence Freedom)

- Jesus Martinez (???)

- Jose Rodriguez (Philadelphia)

International Signings:

- OF - Carlos Rodriguez (Venezuela)

- SS - Pedro Flores (Venezuela)

- LHP - Jan Novak (Czech Republic)

MiLB Free Agents Re-signed:

- Allen San Miguel

- Eric Beaulac

- Zach Booker

- Joel Polanco

- Chris Robinson

- Scott Thomas

- Lew Ford

- Stu Pomeranz

- Travis Adair

- Charles Weems

- Rich Rundles

- Joel Piniero

- Matt Bischoff


Major League Free Agents:

- Jim Thome

- Endy Chavez (signed with Kansas City)

- Joe Saunders (signed with Seattle)

- Randy Wolf

- Mark Reynolds (signed by Cleveland)

- Omar Quintanilla (signed by New York Mets)

Traded Away:

- Robert Andino (to Seattle)

- Jhondaniel Medina (to Pittsburgh)

- Mike Flacco (to Boston)

- Ronnie Welty (to Philadelphia)

Minor Leaguers signed by another team:

- Greg Burke (New York Mets)

- Steve Tolleson (Chicago White Sox)

- Jamie Hoffman (New York Mets)

- Brandon Erbe (Philadelphia)

- Kyle Newby (Oakland)

- Joe Mahoney (Miami)

- Oscar Villareal (Boston)

- Zach Phillips (Miami)

- Robbie Widlansky (Los Angelese Angels thru Rule 5 draft)

- Dana Eveland (Korean Baseball League)

- Blake Davis (Milwaukee)

- Justin Dalles (Philadelphia)

- Dontrelle Willis (Chicago Cubs)

- Ronnie Paulino (Seattle)

- Pedro Viola (Oakland)

- Bill Hall (Los Angeles Angels)

- Antoan Richardson (Minnesota)

- Rhyne Hughes (New York Mets)


- Elvis Duran

- Jose Mota

- Jose Rivera

- Ryan O'Shea

- Alex Schmarzo

- Casey Lambert

- Matt Bywater

- David Baker

- Eric Wooten

- Adam Davis

- Dudley Leonora

- Cameron Coffey

- Pat Egan

- Joe Oliveira

- Jesse Fernandez

- Jamie Esquivel

- Will Howard


- Scott Beerer

- Jai Miller (playing football next year for University of Alabama)

- Nick Johnson

- Tyler Townsend

Minor League Free Agents:

- Hinton

- Melendez

- Wilkins

- Adams

- Barfield

- Rowell

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Someone is going to have to convince me that George Barber is a worthwhile signing.



Xtremeline Baseball School Camp outfielder, George Barber became the newest member of the Baltimore Orioles on Thursday, October 11th, 2012. Barber, a Miami Central graduate impressed the Orioles during their Instructional Camp in Sarasota, Florida. The swift center fielder caught the eye of the Los Angeles Angels back in 2010 while playing at Broward College and was drafted in the 43rd round. He hit .340 for the Angels during spring training but was released because of a crowded and talent deep outfield that included 2012 Rookie of the Year candidate, Mike Trout. Barber came to Xtremeline Baseball School Camp on the recommendation of Xtremeline Coach Joel Bradley and trained under the watchful eye of Orioles executive and Xtremeline Owner, Fred Ferreira. Barber has already been assigned to the Orioles’ Gulf Coast League team and continues to train at Xtremeline Baseball until the spring. Congratulations George!
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    • You are severly discounting a lot of players from that era.  Jones, Markakis, Machado, Wieters, JJ Hardy, Davis, Britton, Tillman, Miguel Gonzalez were all core players to that special 5 year run. Chris Davis hit 197 in the 5 seasons from 2012-2016 JJ Hardy won three gold golves during that time. Zack Britton was a shut down reliever for 3 of those 5 years Chris Tillman was in our rotation for all 5 of those years and was our defacto "Ace" during that time timeout question Miguel Gonzalez was in our rotation for 4 of those years and very good for three of them Markakis was only there 2012-2014 but is absolutely a core oriole Manny Machado was a three time all star and 2 gold gloves during that time all while being one of the youngest and brightest up and coming stars in the game
    • If we're keeping Mountcastle, he had better improve his production at the plate.  We would need a lot more slugging out of he and Stowers, both.  I am hoping Rutschman hits with more power, too - especially from the right side of the plate.  The league adjusted to Henderson pretty well and his last few weeks reallytalked off from that hot start.  He needs to make his adjustments, now.  He'll be okay. 
    • Listening to your comments I made a few changes.   Now calling the list Core/Keepers. Added Mullins and Tyler Wells to the list. I hear the comments on Mountcastle but this at his age (25) with  his development defensively.  At this point he just had a bad offensive year and is likely to improve.
    • I swear it looked like he just grooved it for him.
    • Makes it look easy. Easy power... we'll take it!
    • Yeah, that's it.  Not sure Gray Rod is even part of the core yet because he hasn't even pitched in the majors.  I'm not suggesting that Elias is looking to trade him unless he is part of a trade for another core player. What was the core for the 2012-2016 Orioles.  I'm going to say it was Wieters and Jones.  I guess you could add Markakis.  The rest of the players came and went or just had a great season or 2 (Davis).  I think that was part of the problem with the 2012-2016 O's, was the core wasn't big enough and there wasn't any elite players in the core.  Did anyone regularly include Wieters, Jones and Markakis in the best players in baseball conversation. 
    • I can't consider a player at a prime offensive position putting up a .724 OPS a core player.  I would be surprised if Elias doesn't have several players in the minors who he considers possible replacements for Mountcastle. 
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