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Hanwha Eagles to post Ryu Hyun-jin


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25 Left handed pitcher, considered the top Korean pitcher.

The Eagles said Ryu and the club have already reached a consensus on the kind of offer they deem fit from a Major League team, but said it won't disclose the number to the public. The posting will be launched on Nov. 1 and run through March, an Eagles official said.

Scouting report:


Like most pitchers, his feature pitch is his fastball. At 91-92 MPH (hit 93 MPH a couple times), it is a straight fastball that the Korean hitters were really having problems with. I saw him locate it both high and low. When it is low, it has a little bit of dip (not quite a sinker though). Hyun-Jin can and likes to throw it inside to right-handers (and away from lefties, although I saw him throw it low and inside to lefties a couple of times as well). He throws strikes with it, and is a traditional pitcher in that he likes to start the count with it.

His primary breaking ball is a 85-86 MPH a splitter/slider. It has really impressive drop. We will call it a split finger, but some sliders break like this as well (it could also be called a hard change-up, which I think you can call most splitters).

His real change is at 79 MPH-82.5 MPH and it breaks like a traditional change. It has pretty good movement, but isn?t as important for him as it is for a lot of lefties.

His 3rd breaking pitch is a 67-70 MPH slow curve. It doesn?t have a huge loopy break like some slow curves do, but obviously doesn't have hard break. He can throw it for strikes and throw it in the dirt as well. So it is the best of both worlds in the sense of not being just a get me over pitch, but also one he can control.


<iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/0hXgYXhL3d4?feature=player_detailpage" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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The Orioles scouts are banned from the stadiums so I'm sure we have no knowledge he even exists. :rolleyes:

As Dan Duquette once said when asked about this situation.

QUESTION: You mentioned a few minutes ago that one of the new markets the Orioles are in is Korea. Weren't the Orioles banned from scouting Korea?

DAN DUQUETTE: I didn't hear that. How are they enforcing that? I don't know. We're active in a number of markets. Just say the Orioles are active around the globe.

Seems like the Orioles will not confirm or deny the presence of their scouts in certain countries.

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