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Gold Glove announcement tonight...scouts perspective ( Update - All 3 Orioles win)


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Jones led in putouts because he played every game of the season. But it's supposed to be an award for defensive excellence, not a participation award.

That's not necessarily true. If you extrapolate the PO totals for qualified AL center fielders, the only person who comes close to Jones's PO totals over 162 games is Denard Span (and he ties Jones to the closest whole number at 439).

And Span also happens to be only AL CFer with a higher range factor than Jones. The fact that he only played 128 games probably hurt his chances for the GG.

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That could be deemed an overrated stat though. Can you really control where batters hit it? No. What if a lot of those were "routine" type putouts? Its not his fault they were but adding it into the equation should be a minimal impact. There vshould be points for diving, leaping, running balls down and warning track catches. Robbing homeruns should be worth the most points.

Oh yeah I definitely agree with ya, just figured I'd throw it into the conversation. Trout should have won but the voting for the gold glove award is so flawed. He made so many sensational catches, I'm sure his putout # would have been higher had he played as many games as Adam. Only played in about 100 or so.

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I'm happy for all three, but thrilled for JJ. If you think about it, we just won GG's at the three most important defensive positions on the field. When Duquette said last winter that what he liked about our team was we were strong up the middle, he wasn't kidding around.

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