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David Hernandez offered to play with Mexico

oriole from cal

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Mexico has offered David to play for this them this year in the WBC. Hasn't accepted yet because he's waiting for the announcement from the USA team. Either way he will be playing this year. We are very excited for him.


Congrats on the Gibby nomination as well. I voted!

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Steve Gilbert ‏

#Dbacks David Hernandez was ruled ineligible for Team Mexico in WBC. Instead he will pitch for Team USA.


What happened? Well, Brad Ziegler — Hernandez’s teammate with the Diamondbacks — tweeted that Hernandez was informed Friday that he wouldn’t be able to pitch for Mexico because he was generationally too far removed from a Mexican-born ancestor. It seems Hernandez received that news at almost exactly the same time Perez was dropped from the U.S. roster.

Team Mexico is said to require a grandparent born in Mexico in order to compete for the national team. In Hernandez's case, only his great-grandparents were. The information came to light only recently, thus putting Hernandez back into the pool of eligible relievers for the U.S.

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One thing I'm curious about -- are Cuban defectors allowed to play for USA? A bit of research tells me no, which I guess makes sense if there's a feeling it could stack the US team unfairly. But it sucks that they have no team to play for.

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