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David Price Edges Verlander to win the 2012 A.L. Cy Young Award


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Price is the first Devil Rays/Rays pitcher to win the Cy Young Award in his team's young franchise history (1998-2012.)

Justin Verlander, who won the award last year, fell just 4 points short (153-149) in his bid to win it in back-to-back seasons.


MODS: Sorry for butchering the title in my original attempt. :o


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Jimmy Johnson came in 7th place.


1) David Price, TAMPA BAY

2) Justin Verlander, DETROIT

3) Jered Weaver, L.A. ANGELS

4) Felix Hernandez, SEATTLE

5) Fernando Rodney, TAMPA BAY



8) Matt Harrison, TEXAS

9) Yu Darvish, TEX

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    • Reading through the thread, it appears that is what he is saying. Only 4 in the minors using his model.
    • Here's one I haven't seen much - the GM saying his prospect SP throws too many strikes. I think for a lot of pitchers these days, Driveline-y methods help sharpen the stuff, but it is anybody's guess if it goes in the zone enough.     Training is simplified at the extreme to the Raysian kind of tactic of giving Tyler Glasnow "one target".     It is Davey Johnson's aim down the middle anecdote coming to life. Growing up on MacGregor, etc, it can be fun to call it "chuck and duck".    It is basically math that it keeps runs off the board though. If the Orioles aren't baseball's best offense yet, as a group they are probably its best group of baseball smashers.    Hopefully they will like Jake Bloss' many strikes very well.     Don't get too excited tonight guys!  
    • Cole returning should give them the opportunity to rest Gil more if they want. 
    • Speaking of ASG , I’m not thrilled with idea of our pitchers risking injury pitching in that game . Yes I understand the tradition and it’s great honor but the players contracts are exorbitant and it would be bad if a team lost a player getting injured in that game.  Any thoughts ?
    • I don't think the Giants would do it for that proposed package and I don't think they're selling anyways thinking a good second half gets them the third wildcard spot. And the price to ultimately land Webb would probably make me balk at making the trade. Elias is going to have some important decisions to make the next month with which players he's willing to move to position the Orioles for a long postseason run.
    • For us fans yes , for the players no. It’s time focusing on Houston 
    • It’s 142 miles from Nacagdoches TX to Houston.  Not exactly Grayson’s “hometown,” but a little closer to it than Dallas (163 miles) I guess.   He’ll probably have a contingent there.  Normally I’d root for a kid from Georgetown, not exactly your baseball powerhouse, but hopefully the O’s crush him.   I knew Blanco opened with a no hitter and then threw another 6 inning no-no last time, but I didn’t realized how good he’d been in between.  If he’s on his game, Burnes is in for a tussle.   Valdez has had a pretty good June (3.12 ERA in 4 starts).  Last year we tagged him for 6 runs in 7 innings, so hopefully we can have some success.   Houston’s 109 OPS+ is 7th in MLB, but their 4.37 runs/game is only 15th.  To a degree you can fault their RISP hitting, .737 OPS.   The O’s are superior in all respects, 122 OPS+ (1st), 5.27 runs/game (1st), .805 OPS with RISP (6th).   Tucker being out is obviously a big blow to the Astros. Houston’s bullpen has a decent 3.56 ERA, 11th in MLB, while the O’s are 3rd at 3.20.   The ‘Stros have had bad outcomes, 10-16 W/L and 15 saves vs. 12 blown saves (56%).   The O’s pen is 18-11 with 24 saves, 14 blown saves (63%). Feels like a series we should win, but it’s baseball.    
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