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Antonen: O's have the brightest future in the AL East


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I don't think a writer should blindly vote hometown but I agree with Tony. I think Melvin and Buck were close enough that homerism should have been the deciding factor.

This. I'm sure that this is what Tony meant. When it is so close that no one was able to call it before the awards, and a very strong case can be made either way, then yes - the writer with the "Baltimore" vote is expected to back up his hometown. It is debatable where the line is to be drawn, but in this case it really should have been clearly before that line.

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Actually, four writers besides Antonen gave Girardi a third place vote -- one from NY, Toronto, Detroit and Oakland.

So, four total then? Ok. I am sure your logic is right. I just feel that Mel should have given Buck the home town nod. That's all.

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At this point, the Orioles, Rays and Blue Jays are the three best in the division. The Yankees are aging and the Red Sox are caught in the middle of rebuilding and reloading.

And who in the AL East has the best future? At this point, it is the Orioles and their young pitching.

The Red Sox have in the outfield, at shortstop and in the bullpen. The Yankees have to deal with a thin rotation and ownership that wants to cut payroll.

The Rays have tons of pitching, but with a limited budget, will they ever have the run production to support the arms?

The Orioles' nucleus of Matt Wieters, Adam Jones, J.J. Hardy, Chris Davis, Nick Markakis and Manny Machado is going to be productive for a long time.

The rotation is loaded with pitchers that could each be better next season. The Orioles don't need to spend money this winter to compete with the Blue Jays.

They need to stay the course, find a left fielder, add a pitcher and keep the defense strong. They could be the pick to win the AL East next season.

But the Blue Jays will be a factor. The new players might work perfectly. If not, the Blue Jays will be dealing with payroll inflexibility for years, making it even better for the Orioles.


I am still glad that he finds some value in our team. And I do actually like Mel, I just hate that Buck lost. It was 14 years. 14. The guy who fixed that deserved the hardware.

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