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Holiday 4 Pack????


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Well, it's official....one good year and the Orioles stick it to the faithful.

I have been buying the Holiday Gift Pack for a Christmas present for my son for many years. We always got the lower left field reserve pack and spent Opening Day watching the Birds. For years and years we went, while the Birds went down in flames every season (and despite the numbers reported), most Opening Days saw more empty seats than full.

This year, in their infinite wisdom, the Orioles only offer Upper Deck tickets to those of us who have supported them through the years. When called, the response was...."We expect a large demand for tickets this year." Excuse me...I only supported them for the 15 years they lost, so stick it to me now!!!! Of course I can buy the partial season plan to get those tickets this year....OF COURSE.....WHY DIDN"T I THINK OF THAT!!!! 800 dollars to buy a Christmas present instead of 200 dollars....WHAT A BARGAIN!!!! Just so my son and I can enjoy Opening Day together.

One good year and this is what happens??? I dread to see if they have a second good season....and by the way....the Upper Deck Gift Pack is now $110.00 dollars a pack (they throw in a ticket to fan fest to justify the price increase)...that's about what I paid for lower left field reserve the past 7 years.

Oh well, I guess I'll enjoy the game with my son on TV this year. Thanks Birds.

I didn't want to pay that price for upper deck left field, so....I bought the 13 game plan plus Opening Day plus parking for a much better deal. Instead of crying about it, make a decision and stick with it. And as others have said, if you think there are ANY seats open on Opening Day, then you're either exagerating to try ot prove a point, or you don't actually go to Opening Day.

Quit whining and either buy tickets or don't. Its your choice and if you don't buy them, someone else will.

I had said for years that after supporting the team through all the losing, when we finally did make the playoffs, I would be on the outside of OPACY looking in. And I was right...tickets were expensive and hard to get. So you know what I did....I put on my big boy pants and BOUGHT tix for one game. End of story!

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    • If any combination of Irvin, Flaherty, Fuji, Baumann with the locks of Gibson, Webb, Wells, Hall, Coulombe, Cano, Perez are all in the bullpen im not sure we need 13 pitchers.    Is 3 long men really needed(Gibson/Irvin/Flaherty) with days off? Hall/Wells can go more than 1. No doubt Kremer would be the one who could turn it up out of the BP opposed to Gibson BUT if Kremer can give you a start of 5 good innings as a 4th starter thats hard to pass on. -- Hyde wants to play matchups like crazy of late so i do think they'll take 13. O's love close games, old extra inning rules could be a factor in need for more length. 
    • Mullins too.  Seems like only Adley has been fairly hot lately.  Hopefully Mountcastle's double tonight will get things going for everyone else.  Fingers crossed the several days off they'll get next week will help reenergize things.
    • I got through the gate at 5, was in line 4:45ish? And got a hoodie. It was pretty packed. Think some people just went for the hoodie though and then left early.    it was a different vibe at the ballpark, totally full, but people were just chilling and having fun, not really paying attention to the game, since the game itself didn’t mean much 
    • Happy that the Mariners are done. 
    • Bradish game 1 starter, Rodrigues game 2, Gibson game 3, Means game 4, all on short leashes with Kremer, Wells, Baumann, Webb, Hall, Coulombe, Cano and Perez in the pen....Henderson, Rutschman, Santander, Mountcastle, O'Hearn, Hays, Mullins, Westburg, Urias, Frazier, Hicks, McKenna, Mateo, McCann
    • I can see why people would say a WS win would solidify him as an elite GM but as pointed out the playoffs are a crap shoot. Elias isn’t at fault if the pitching craps the bed or if the bats go cold.    He already is elite. He’s stocked this franchise with more good young talent than we could have hoped. As long as the Orioles keep making the playoffs and as long as he keeps good talent coming through the system that’s what he’ll be judged on. In addition to being at the vanguard of how to pick up guys like O’Hearn, etc., that’s important too. 
    • Gibson starts game 3 on the road and Means starts game 4 with Kremer in the pen as the longman with Means and Gibson on very short leashes...     
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