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DD on hot stove next live from Winter Meetings (Again 12:40)


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They had to lower his chair. So he did not intimidate. Buck and his one run ball games. Had good core guys, pitching got stabilized. Talking all the young names.

With Machado and McLouth, transformed the team defense. Talking Reynolds. Had a good year, the money was too steep. They think he would have gotten 12 in arbitration.

Wow. I am shocked at that.

Mark is a gritty player, worked hard at fist. We don't have the resources to fit him into our team. Could use Hamilton, don't know that he will be the MOO. Probably not a fit.

He actually said 12-14.

He also used the word decent to describe Reynolds at first.

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Reynolds had an odd style of playing 1B... it was effective for the most part but the anti-traditionalist approach to anything in baseball is a death knell. I can see why they don't want to pay $10M+ for 200Ks a season, especially if you aren't going to hit more than 25 homeruns.

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