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Mariners, O's Displaying Strong Interest In Butler


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Not sure how you reach that conclusion. They picked up Ervin Santana and have to pay him 13M this year. They signed Guthrie for 3/25. So, up to this point, they've been willing to pay for pitchers who aren't TOR starters. Now, Tillman should be an attractive piece but I wouldn't go so far as to say KC wouldn't be willing to pay a James Shields.

I believe he meant "pay for them" in trade terms by giving up the players necessary to make the deal, rather than salary terms.

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The Royals want a TOR SP but they don't want to pay for one. So a Sheilds for Butler trade won't work. They have to look at young cheap SP with a a high upside. Tillman fits that bill.

I believe they would move Butler for Shields as it would help clear payroll. If they trade Hosmer or their younger prospects that wont clear payroll.

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