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Orioles have inquired about Stanton

Roll Tide

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From Rotoworld

Clark Spencer of the Miami Herald reports that the Marlins "are not moving" Giancarlo Stanton and haven't even "discussed" it internally.

Spencer was also told that details of the Marlins' recent discussions with the Padres about Stanton were "completely off base" and "totally ridiculous." He writes that while the Marlins have listened to team's inquiries on Stanton "out of professional courtesy," they are "not entertaining any thoughts" of trading him. A deal involving the cost-controlled superstar always seemed like a huge longshot, and this report should hopefully put all the rumors to rest.

Source: Miami Herald Jan 6 - 12:55 PM

Think this puts the issue to bed for now.

Like I said, Bundy, Machado, Britton, Schoop and Strop. It was always ridiculous at this point.

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