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Shane Victorino to Red Sox for 3/39m

O's Fan From PA

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    • If those signed those 2 guys to a contract today, it would have absolutely zero impact on the payroll this year, next year or 5 years from now.    Those players are already signed for the next several years. They aren’t going anywhere. All the long term extension does is keep them under contract an extra 1-2 years. Thats it.  
    • I don't either.   But I expect Ortiz and Cowser to help the Os this year,  and I don't think Cease is a sure enough of an upgrade to trade them both for him.   In the right deal I'd certainly let them both go as they certainly aren't untouchable.  But I think 2 of our top 6 prospects is too steep a price for Cease.
    • I loved what Wells did in the first half last year.  I loved what he did in the first half of 2022.  I loved what he did in the first half of 2021.  But after three years, here are his career splits: 1st half: 231.2 IP, 3.42 ERA 2nd half: 47.2 IP, 6.61 ERA No matter what role he’s been in, he’s been excellent in the first half and absolutely fallen off a cliff after the all star break, three years in a row.   I’d love to see him prove that he can get through a whole year and remain effective.   But how do you plan for it?  What contingency plan to you have if the same pattern holds for a fourth year in a row?  
    • Ownership issues aside, my preference would be to use resources to extend Gunnar and Holliday through their prime career years if possible rather than sign a highly paid reliever. Realizing that won’t happen, let’s go Hader and try to win while they’re here.
    • The Orioles took Andrew Politi last year when they were expected to compete, so I could see them taking a flier on a potential bullpen arm if they're intrigued enough by them. I just hope if they do they come with more upside than a Politi-type. I never understood that selection since there really wasn't a ton of upside and the stuff was just "bleh".  I don't ever research these guy prior to the draft, especially now that the Orioles will not be picking until late in the first round. They did of course find Tyler Wells in the second round so sometimes there's a diamond in the rough, but that was also after COVID cost teams a chance to look at minor league players for a year and why the Twins may have thought Wells would not be selected or was too raw to stick.
    • Sure, 2-3 years would be great but he will get 4-6 years and even if he would sign for 2-3 years, I’m guessing his AAV will be higher than the Os will spend. Kimbrel, Robertson and Chapman will all get 1 year deals. The Os probably sign one of them. I would rather trade for Kopech and move him to the back of the pen personally. I think his upside is higher than those guys and you can likely acquire him for a “bargain” relative to the cost of established high leverage relievers.
    • I have no interest in having the Tides win another AAA title 
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