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Britt: O's have spoken with 6 teams about a MOO bat


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What are the Orioles going to do to respond to what the Blue Jays and other AL East teams are doing to get better?

--Stephen B., Baltimore

To answer your question frankly, not much. When Toronto first started spending big earlier this winter, Orioles manager Buck Showalter remarked that his club could continue to be "The Little Engine that Could" in the AL East. And while the Orioles' winning ways last season makes them a more attractive landing spot to free agents, the evidence in this winter's frenzy of above-market deals is clearly that it's still a money-driven world.

So why not make a deal? They're listening, and there have been talks with at least a half-dozen teams and the Orioles regarding a trade, with Baltimore seeking a middle-of-the-order bat. The problem is, as I stated above, if you take Bundy and Gausman, off the table it's significantly harder to negotiate.

There is interest in young arms that are already on the big league team -- guys like Brian Matusz, Jake Arrieta, Chris Tillman and Zach Britton -- although indications are Duquette wouldn't want to trade more than one. And, with the exception of Tillman, they all struggled to establish any consistency as Major League starters. Teams aren't going to trade away an impact bat for a package centered on one young pitcher with a lot to prove.

So will the Orioles be able to add the bat they sorely need? The organization is still hopeful, and Duquette did pull off some late-winter moves in 2012, including signing pitcher Wei-Yin Chen and trading for Jason Hammel and Matt Lindstrom.


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Ugh, I love Britt, but when will Baltimore reporters learn that Gausman is not able to be traded? Encina made this same mistake in one of his recent columns, too. Bugs the crap out of me - know your baseball rules, damnit. You're baseball reporters.

I do believe he can be a PTBNL.

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Curious...what would you do if the Orioles had a winning season in 2013 without a big sexy trade or FA signing?

Hopefully learn his lesson that Buck and DD know a bit more about running a Major League baseball team than him.I surely am not holding my breath on this one though.

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    • There's not a single high level prospect on the team he pitched against tonight and even the one out he got was crushed
    • Let’s tap the brakes on his move to the bullpen. His stuff plays and he can get outs. Best of all, he doesn’t walk anyone. He challenges hitters and gets weak contact. With our defense, I’d rather him give up the occasional double or flared hit to the outfield than to see walks. Keep him in the starting rotation until he proves he doesn’t belong. Wells and Irvin both have experience in the pen and frankly for Irvin, though I love him, has a real tough time throwing strikes at times.    anyway, let’s see what the old dog can do.
    • I could see Suarez sticking in a bullpen role long term with the movement on his fastball. Also he might be able to throw a 2 to 3 more MPH harder not having to worry about trying to pitch six innings. The Orioles have done a good job finding pitchers who weren't expected to do much in recent years and it would be cool if Suarez is another find.
    • I mean, heres where we really find out if Holliday is cut out for the majors and if he has the character to fight through major adversity right off the bat right?  Saw a good point that there was a guy previously that started 4 of 55, and that was ole #8.  Mike Trout didnt get his batting average up to .200 until May 31st of his first season.  Ideal? Absolutely not.  But when the franchises all-time hits leader started with the same slump its something to pay attention to.
    • Going 1 for 25 is not hard to do. I would imagine many HS Senior players could do that if given 25 at bats in the big leagues. Not saying Holliday is not worthy, just how bad going 1 for 25 is. Had someone not been on 1st, he could be 0 for 25. I would like to see him more aggressive early in the count and more protective late in the count.
    • I hope Means gets into form eventually he deserves to be a part of this success after carrying the starting rotation on some absolutely horrid Orioles teams.
    • I used to have a bunch of good ones on an old MLB the show. My friends and I all made our own players with unique sounds and walk up music. I might have to fire up the PS3 to find some of the other ones, but I know this was one of them:   
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