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Is A Deal For Billy Butler Still Possible?


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Guest AZOsMagic
First off can we agree to call it "Sabered" instead of "Moneyballed"? Not only does it sound cooler but it is a lot more accurate.

As to your points.

-Protection is an illusion. Not much in the way of credible evidence to prove it exists.

-Sample size for OPACY is iffy at best. I would like to see how he performs at home against Oriole and Indian pitching before giving the credit to the ballpark. LOTS of non-Oriole hitters hit well at OPACY, it has to do with the O's having crappy pitching for a long time.

-Once again, protection doesn't exist. You find me some proof I will throw you some rep.

-If a hitting coach can't teach Jones to identify and lay off sliders out of the zone, I don't think Butler mocking him is going to do it.

-He might be at his peak now and about to decline :noidea:

-If Hammel and Chen get hurt how badly will they need Tillman?[/quote

LOL, ok "Sabered" it is then.

You have to be kidding me about protection being an illusion. What?? You don't think that surrounding batter impacts pitch selection? Here is your proof: Successful MLB players say that protection in the order exists. I asked this very question because it's truly an interesting subject. A free agent will absolutely look at a team's batting order and how it may impact their stats/performance. I will take a player's word for it over a fellow message board poster.

In years past I would agree with you in terms of small sample size, but look at Billy's numbers there THIS year against a decent pitching staff. Plus, he feels that OPACY is custom to his swing. KC is a terrible place to hit, like Seattle.

In terms of Adam, few players in the game would actually have the balls to A) call him out and B) be a positive influence on his preparation. Whether Adam respects his hitting coach enough... who knows.

He is on the rise, not a decline... mark it down.

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