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Red Sox Talking To LaRoche


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I've mentioned this on the Orioles side under the LaRoche comments as well. The Red Sox are concerned with Napoli's physical condition and they are trying to reduce his contract or restructure it. If they are not successful they will look elsewhere and are talking to LaRoches agent.

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    • He was 63 years old. His 1985 season was one of the better seasons ever by an Orioles outfielder.  
    • Trading Mayo for a rental would be foolish.
    • No idea who they are but I wasn't going to post the Eagles.  
    • Obviously, Stroman is coming off of a gem of a performance today. But overall he has had a nice season to date. I was against the idea of adding him to "the list" at first. But on second look, I could see a scenario where we acquire him AND an EdRod type if we are insistent on not parting with any top tier prospects. Both Stroman and Eduardo Rodriguez can probably be had for a borderline top 100 prospect+ each. Meaning a Mayo/Norby kind of guy, plus.
    • Apparently it’s still too early for John Angelos. 
    • Well, suddenly they’re thin in the outfield.   Personally I would shift Hays to center with McKenna occasionally subbing. I know what the data says but my eyes tell me that Hays is still the better outfielder. He may not run everything down in the gaps that Ced does or even what Ryan may get to out there on occasion but my personal opinion is that he is the better outfielder between the two. I could certainly see why they would keep him in left and just use Ryan in center but that would not be my preference if it’s a long term thing for Cedric. Despite all the clamoring for him to be a full-time DH, it looks like Tony stays in RF for now. Dang, this would be an excellent opportunity to see Cowser. Bummer. In any event, here’s to a speedy recovery for Cedric.    It’s such an orioles thing for them to look at Aaron Hicks though. I sure hope that doesn’t happen.     
    • Of the bolded players mentioned, what value does ANY of them carry? A Domincan lottery ticket at most a single A gamble? It seems that those players are more valuable to the Orioles than other teams. No? If we get rid of Gibson, who is going to give us consistent length in this rotation? Are you concerned about the strain and stress on the bullpen that the 4 "5 and dive" guys in the rotation have placed upon the bullpen all season? What trade value does Stowers carry? Norby and Prieto? If you packaged all 3 assuming that you could find a team to want them, what would that do/get you?  Sounds like you "love our guys" in the rotation. And while I again commend you for your optimism as a fan. It's hard to filter through a lens that includes colors beyond orange and black. Beyond pure hope, dreams and wishes. I don't know how to look at our current rotation and compare the talent on the other teams starting staffs and come to the conclusion, I would rather have the O's. Surely if given a choice, you would not take a combination of Wells, Kremer, Bradish, Gibson, GRod, Voth, Irvin, Watkins, Rom, and Cole over Cole, Rodon, and Cortes OR Gray, Ryan, and Lopez OR deGrom, Evoldi, and Gray/Perez OR Valdez, Javier, and Brown? I don't think it takes anything away from one's fandom to admit other teams have more talent/better pitchers and that we need to improve upon our's in order to give ourselves a better chance to beat them.
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