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5:05pm: The Yankees have agreed to terms with Matt Diaz!


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    • Is wanting to win games a good enough reason?
    • Good catch-when you look at the leader board it is mostly starters (more innings, more opportunities) a few relievers (small ball at end of games).  What is sinful for Baumann and Bautista is steals per runner/opportunity.  Why are our starters so much better (in aggragate) at holding runners-the success rate is so high it's really about volume attempts not steals themselves.  
    • Elias has used premium draft resources twice on pitchers and been burned both times. Carter Baumler and Nolan McLean.    With where we pick, it seems like HS bat would be the best value pick. Soto does sound crazy impressive though. 
    • Yea but tons of pitchers get guys out this way.  I don’t think this is it. I think the quality of his pitches are just worse. Of course, this is why it’s hard to rely on players like this too. They go from being a dime a dozen guy to really good. It can happen for a year but to repeat it is tough.    While guys slip through the cracks, teams don’t give up lefty arms like this unless there is a reason.
    • RH - Negative for cartoon wall SS/2B/3B - we trot out GG level defense already with 4 guys in the MLB now. Ortiz doesn’t hurt that.    Not on the 40 man.    All this adds up to him likely being dangled the most as he’s having the best AAA performance and is expendable. The other prospects fill holes or line up as replacements for current mlb’ers.    Cowser - RF Ortiz - Frazier Kjerstad - Santa Mayo - Mountcastle Holliday - Mateo Basallo - Adley 😢 So that leaves Westburg, Stowers, Norby, Prieto, Beavers, Fabian, Haskin, Wagner, and Willems, as our trade bait. 
    • Stats wise it seems like he was on a roll, but I remember a couple of times where Cano came on and stranded his runners.  Perez isn’t handling business versus LHB.  .811 OPS and 7K/6BB.  The walks to lefties have to stop ASAP.  1.000+ OPS vs RHB, btw.   
    • Cowser just has to show that he’s healthy and back in a groove. I don’t see Vavva/O’Hearn blocking him in RF. Hays and Hicks in LF and CF.   
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