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What is your "oddest" piece of Orioles memorabilia?


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Might be a fun thread during this slow off season.

A lot of people have that autograph or rare game used piece. Might be worth a lot, might not. But what do you guys have that may or may not be worth much (actual or sentimental) that is just ODD?

I recently moved and found the stack of "No Dumping" signs from Memorial Stadium. :laughlol: Bought these at the auction before stadium was demolished and they have COA's (and graffiti). Great pieces for a basement/garage/man cave. I've give a few to friends in the past.

They can't be worth much but I highly doubt anyone else has any. :2yay-thumb:

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I may have the oddest story.

When I was at Lehman College (the Bronx, NY), I saw a man with an Orioles hat AND an Orioles coat. I immediately started sprinting towards him ........



OFFNY: "Excuse me, mister. Excuse me, mister. Are you an Orioles fan ???

THE MAN: "Hi."


As soon as I got to him, I realize that he was NOT wearing an Orioles jacket, but a ST. LOUIS BROWNS coat. :eek:The St. Louis Browns had almost identical team colors as do the Orioles, so his jacket blended right in with his Orioles hat. The coat had long orange sleeves, and a very dark brown chest and back.


THE MAN: "No, I'm not an Orioles fan, but I had a friend that had this old St. Louis Browns coat, and he was going to throw it away."


I couldn't believe my ears when I heard that someone had an old St. Louis Browns coat, and was going to throw it away !!! :eektf: I wondered to myself if this guy's friend also was ready to toss away a few 1911 Shoeless Joe Jackson baseball cards that he had sitting around, also.


OFFNY: "No way !!! He was going to throw it in the garbage ???

THE MAN: "Yes. Anyway, since YOU are an Orioles fan, do you know where they were originally from ???"

OFFNY: "Yes. They were the Milwaukee Brewers."

THE MAN: "No, they were from St. Louis, and they were called "the Browns.'"

OFFNY: "No, I know that. But they were the Milwaukee Brewers for one season in 1901 before moving to St. Louis.

THE MAN: "Oh, OK. I didn't know that."

OFFNY: "Anyway, you're not an Orioles fan, so why the Orioles hat with the Browns jacket ???"

THE MAN: "The Orioles were once the Browns, and pretty much have the same colors, so I just wear them together. The Orioles are not my favorite team, but I'm a huge baseball fan, so I jumped when my friend was throwing out this old Browns jacket. I just wear the Orioles hat to go with it."


Some more small talk ensued, and then we parted ways.



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I have a Game Worn under shirt from Eddie Murray. My cousin knew him very well when he was here and this was given to me when I was a kid. It has holes in the back of it, it is black, and says Go Deep on the front of it in orange. It hangs in my closet to this day. It has no COA and do not know if I could ever prove to anyone but myself. I will always cherish it.

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My dad had the original "Ripken Museum" in Thurmont, if any of you had a chance to visit. Something that he had in his personal collection that was not on display was a full sized Ripken got milk billboard. It was rolled up in sections and never used. He collected LITERALLY everything Cal. Less odd was the ball he exchanged with Cal, his 100 homerun that he gave to him in exchange for a signed ball that said "Thanks for #100" or the 1983 Ajax Dog Food Card(both a fake and real one, which he enjoyed showing the subtle differences that helped spot a fake).

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Not necessarily odd, since others probably have it, or portions of "it," but somewhere I have a piece of a chair from Memorial Stadium. Got it at the last sporting event ever played there in December 1997. The ridiculous part was that people were busting up chairs once the game was over, including somebody walking out with a long portion of the bleachers, and right outside the gate was a pile of pieces of chairs, but as soon as you walked beyond the fence people were getting arrested. I was 12 at the time and with my father and brother, and all I could think of was having to call my mother to say we'd been arrested. Fortunately that didn't happen.

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I have lots of items from the 50's and 60's. My fathers family owned a laundry service that used to do the clubs uniforms and they also used to advertise in the program, so I ended up with some pretty good stuff. I have an old program, without looking, I want to say its from 1955. It has Brooks Robinson as #6. I also have a pennant from the 1966 World Series that Brooks signed for me in the 70's when I met him. My Dad took a picture of him signing the pennant and sent it to him. Brooks signed the picture and sent it back to me. He has a fan for life in me and I couldn't have been happier when I made it to the park for his night this year. Roy Firestone did a fantastic job summing up what a lot of folks think about this great man.....Oooops, I thought the title to the thread was oldest, not oddest. Thats what I get for not having my glasses on, Oh well, Brooks as #6 is Old and Odd.

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I have a pub style hat signed by Chuck Thompson. I always remembered him wearing that particular style of hat and my grandfather had one as well.

Chuck was signing at the local bank and my grandfather gave me his hat to get signed. An odd yet great piece since Chuck and my grandfather have long passed.

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In May of '66, I had my 6th birthday party at Memorial Stadium. It came with cake and hotdogs for all the kids and a ball autographed by my favorite player, Boog Powell. Side note, my mother was pissed that I didn't ask for Brooks. Thirty years later, I went to O's Fantasy Camp in Feb '96 and got Boog to sign the same ball on the opposite sweet spot. Worth nothing to anyone except me.

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