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FSU(9-5) @ Maryland(13-1)


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To me...Maryland obviously looks like the better team, but seem to be unable to find a way to run away with it....hopefully they will start strong in the second half and put it to bed early!

Sounds about right. These things will happen from time to time this year as this is a very young and inexperienced Terps team. If we can still win the games we're supposed to win, while growing through some of these issues, I'll be ecstatic. I think we can, but it won't always be pretty.

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Agreed....but I think it will get cleaner with time, especially with Wells coming in so late. Either way, much, much better than the last few years.

Tell me about it. Isn't this awesome? So much fun to be psyched for Terps basketball again.

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Minus all the turnovers.

No doubt... that's why I said all things considered, because I was truly surprised to have a 9-point lead with as sloppy as we played in the 1st half.

FSU is lucky to be in this game though. They've been sloppy in their own right, and are hitting an unsustainable number of 3's right now, which is pretty annoying.

MD needs to get hot and put them away here.

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