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Orioles interested in Japanese Ace Masahiro Tanaka

Roll Tide

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The article also mentions the Yankees, Dodgers, Rangers, and Giants.

According to reports filed by Sponichi, the New York Yankees interested Masahiro Tanaka (Rakuten). A number of other other MLB teams -- like the Baltimore Orioles, Texas Rangers, San Francisco Giants, and Los Angeles Dodgers -- are also said to be in the hunt for the right-handed ace.

The Yankees have been keeping an eye on Tanaka since 2010. Their Japan scout, Shoichi Kida, has been keeping the organization updated on Tanaka's status.

Source: Sponichi 1/4/2013

Sorry for the delay ... Im not good at copy/paste on my IPAD


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Who wouldn't be? He's still just 24 and his stats are insane, even for a Japanese pitcher. Interestingly, he plays for Rakuten the team the Orioles signed some sort of player development agreement a few months ago...

At 24 he isn't a free agent and won't get posted this year.

Nice to see they are paying attention over there but this news seems very premature.

I wouldn't expect to see him over here for 2-3 seasons at the earliest.

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Photo By Suponichi

Is Yankees (Japan time 3 days) 2 days, it was found that the move to acquire (24) Rakuten pitcher Masahiro Tanaka, aiming to transfer MLB posting system (bidding system) even 13 years off. Based on bitter experience that has been lost to Rangers in the same system (26) Yes pitcher Darvish to 11 years off, ya army gaze right arm wins 75 heat total professional. I want to welcome as a case ace intends to in the future. Tanaka has been investigating and Rangers and Orioles already have multiple teams, competition is inevitable situation.

I will not go further, but not passed on to the other teams pitcher in Japan. I revealed, "The Scouts have marked many years the Yankees have shown a strong interest in Tanaka. Herein, have appreciated it like talent comparable to Darvish" Participant and Major League Baseball.

Ya army has fought off the bid for Darvish to 11 years, were deprived of the Rangers made a successful bid of $ 51.7 million (U.S. $ 4 billion at the time). $ 15 million bid ya army (approximately 1.2 billion yen year-on-year). Show that he wins the Darvish 16, after another criticism from the local media.

I can not afford to take the (iron) same rut. Tanaka is a total of 75 wins instead of six years professional Darvish, Japan's growth to ace both in name and reality. Ace of Japan as Samurai, Yamamoto even thicker trust of coach WBC held in March.

Tanaka started investigating in earnest from 2010, the military has continued to visit ya around the scout in charge of Japan Shoichi Kida. When I hear that announce an intention to challenge in future major league baseball team is Tanaka in contract renewals in December last year, the team also acknowledge, that the leaders of the team ran into Japanese baseball officials confirmed fact.

I expected a "might become the deployment of troops around the battle. Army ya ya listening and hopes to Tanaka," An official Japanese baseball. Through the season from WBC Tanaka, ya is that the military is planning to mark adhesion to scout. Including the Orioles, Tanaka has been investigating Rangers and Giants, and Dodgers, competition is inevitable. I am likely to be seen the figure of ya army became "real" to still Tanaka


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Aw. Poor Yankees.

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