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Matt Wieters wants to stay in Baltimore!!!


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Great to hear.

I wonder if the FO has already been working on an extension? Then it might make sense as to why they are hesitant to add very much payroll from free agency.

Boras is a factor, but I never thought he was as much a factor as others have. If Matt wants to stay in Baltimore, he'll stay in Baltimore.

He is a factor. And in a different situation Boras might push Matt in other directions. But Buck has pushed Matt's thinking WAY back the other way. Matt is Buck's right hand man. Field General. Of course Matt wants to stay!

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Get it done!

5 years, $90 million. We get Matt long-term, and he should be young enough at the end to get another decent pay-day. Everybody wins.

Way too much. Something like this:

'13: 4.5M

'14: 8M

'15: 12M

'16: 16M

'17: 17M

That's 5/57.5 and probably a pretty fair deal.

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Man this week just keeps getting better! Boras certainly is a roadblock but Weaver and Cargo make it a possibility. You gotta believe Wieters will at least demand a Yadier Molina type deal. 5/75. Maybe with an option for a sixth year. But the simple fact that Wieters has said he'd like to stay is a step in the right direction.

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Don't you get the feeling that Buck is behind all this? I Do.

The legend series to show the players how beloved players they can be. The long term extensions to management to adds stability to make the players feel move comfortable signing long term agreement.

Buck has built an organization from the ground up in Arizona. He understands the whole process and how it works. I think he talks to Peter and Louis about that. He has DD bought in. It just feels like Buck is orchestrating the whole thing to me.

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