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Jair Jurrjens agrees to deal with Orioles


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A year ago, ATL wanted us to trade Jones for Jurrjens and Prado and a young pitcher.

Now we have a former AS pitcher on our hands. The NL starting pitcher in 2011. That's impressive.

Peterson...work your magic on this 26 year old, who hasn't hit his prime yet.

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This is great as long as Jurrjens has some options left. Looks like Saunders is a no go.

Steve Melewski ‏@masnSteve

Jurrjens is two years from free agency and sounds like worth taking a shot at, just 26. O's had interest in him before. More P depth

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Low risk, high reward. I like it. And I was literally just talking to my Pirates fan brother about how I thought the Pirates should have gambled on Jurrgens insteads of blowing $13 million on Liriano, then logged onto MLBTradeRumors to find this.

An aside: I presume he'll be under our control in 2014 too, since he only has 4 years of service. Anyone know for sure how that works?

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Jair Jurrjens meet Rick Peterson. Rick Peterson meet Jair Jurrjens. You're going to be working together a lot this year.

Does he have minor league options? He has to, right?

I would think so.. he was in minors most of if not all of last season

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"I'll take it!" was my first reaction as well. His numbers in 2011 were really good.

I am hoping that this doesn't mean we're done pursuing Saunders. If we can add him as well, we'll have an amazing amount of starting pitching depth heading into the spring.

- Hammel

- Gonzalez

- Tillman

- Chen

- Jurrjens

- Arrieta

- Britton

- S. Johnson

- Saunders???

And, that doesn't even include the lefties who are probably headed to the bullpen but definitely have starter potential (Matusz, Wada, McFarland).

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