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Yet another addition to the Nationals


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Meanwhile the Orioles just stand pat in the mascot department. I thought we were getting the lion's share of the MASN money?

No guarantee that Taft passes the physical. ;)

While I do not think they would, the Nats best not use Taft as a springboard to mock the obese.

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Has a team ever had more than 4 in a mascot race?

I know there have been special occasions where multiple mascots have taken a turn but those were just one time things. I think the standard around MLB is that 4 is the magic number. It looks like the Nats are breaking new ground here. It also leads me to think, why stop there? In 20 years will we have 8 presidents running around? It's not like they'll run out of options any time soon...

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Guess they decided to try and skirt the issue all together by making Taft a beanpole. Nationals have a problem with non-skinny people or something? I remember they did this to Screech too.

I can't say I agree with this sort of revisionist history either. Someone needs to ask them the tough questions about their mascots.

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