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Matt Wieters to Boras: Keep me in Baltimore


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Catcher Matt Wieters wants to work out a long-term contract extension with the Orioles, though he is not eligible for free agency until after the 2016 season. One source said Wieters wants to stay in Baltimore badly enough that he has asked agent Scott Boras to eschew his strategy of taking his players to free agency and instead strike a deal with the Orioles?a situation similar to that of Angels right-hander Jered Weaver and the Angels in 2011.


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Also from the linked piece:

While Wieters put together a .249/.329/.435 slash line with 23 home runs in 593 plate appearances in 2012, he had a .270 True Average and contributed 2.1 WARP, while his -2.2 Fielding Runs Above Average suggest he was not a Gold Glove-caliber defender. Wieters ranked ninth in WARP and 19th in FRAA among the 24 major-league catchers who had at least 300 plate appearances in 2012. A scout from an NL team, though, believes the Orioles should strongly consider signing Wieters to a long-term extension.

I hadn't realized FRAA was so down on Wieters' defense relative to other metrics.

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I could be talked into buying out three years of FA. Would prefer two obviously.

But it sounds like we have four more seasons of Matt under contract. So what kind of numbers/deal are we talking about?

I love Matt and think he's essential, but to think we'd be paying him FA market value starting now, and for the next four years, plus another how many years?

I guess I'm just wondering exactly what we're talking about here in terms of possible numbers and years. It sounds pretty risky to buy out four seasons, just to secure 2-3 more years - IF you have to pay current market value for all those seasons, instead of arb, or whatever he'd get otherwise.

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