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Saunders to the Mariners


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I'm officially annoyed with Dan Duquette. I don't want Britton and Jair Jurrjens fighting for our 5th spot. Our rotation looks very suspect now.

He's clearly just doing what he did last year. Putting a good product on the field. If they pull something off, then he'll try to get them over the hump. If they fail, Hardy, Jim Johnson, and maybe a couple others will be wearing different uniforms in September.

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I'm past the point of caring. I could make an argument for getting a reliable vet like Saunders, and I could make an argument for letting the Cavalry plus Jurjjens, Wada etc. fight for the spot. I've been ambivalent all along, and by now, I just want to play ball.

Cue up the Kyle Lhose threads! :rolleyes:

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