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Loria rejects Jeb Bush offer to buy Marlins


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Surprised this hasn't gotten more press. It's a slow time for baseball atm and this link was from 4 days ago.

Yahoo Sports Link

Former Florida governor and possible 2016 presidential candidate Jeb Bush made a "large offer" to purchase the Miami Marlins only to be rejected by current owner Jeffrey Loria.

Bush and a group of investors made the offer during this offseason, according to the Miami Herald.

The 72-year-old Loria has no intentions of selling the team at this time because he "loves" owning the team, the Herald said.

Bush would not be the first member of the family to own a baseball team. His brother, former President George Bush, was part owner of the Texas Rangers from 1989 to 1998 before being elected president.

Jeb Bush was Florida's governor from 1999 to 2007. He now is involved with an education advocacy group and remains active on the political scene.

In other Marlins news:

The "line" for single-game tickets for the Marlins ... 30 minutes before they go on sale.

Tweeted by Joe Capozzi of Palm Beach Post.


A "busy" concession stand at the Marlin's fan fest.

Tweeted by Clark Spencer of the Miami Herald.


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Pretty sure the guy in the camo is just asking for directions, too.

Loria is the greatest troll the world has ever known.

The picture reminds me of this Tampa area paper who ran a story about early voting in 2012. The caption was something about people lined up all morning ahead of polls opening, and the photo was two senior citizens, one of which was clearly using the post office box outside of the entrance.


Yes though, Loria has got to be one of the worst owners in history. What a jerk.

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Bit more Loria fun

In addition to assuring Reyes that the Marlins would never trade him, the shortstop says Loria was telling him to buy himself a nice house in Miami right up until two days before he was traded to Toronto.

“He always told me to get a nice house in Miami,” Reyes said, via Danny Knobler of CBSSports.com. “I was at a dinner with him in New York, and he was still talking about the house.

“Two days later, I got traded.”


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Loria was and is a scumbag. He helped put the final nails in the coffin of the Expos and is now doing the same to the Marlins. We can gripe about Angelos all we want but at least he hasn't destroyed baseball in two different locations.

It's also the reason why I wish the Yankees had won back in 03 against the Marlins. Sometimes you have to pick the lesser of two evils and in that year,George S was def the lesser.

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Nothing new there. Truly the worst owner in baseball right now. Baseball is doing something about teams like the Yanks and Red Sox who simply blew other teams out of the water hwen it came to free agents etc.

Now it's time to do something about slezeball owners like Loria.

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MLB's ridiculous review process of potential new owners is "supposed" to weed out jerks like Loria. But he not only made it through to buy the Expos, he was approved to buy the Marlins AND the other ML owners all chipped in to buy the Expos from him. It's unreal that this guy has been blessed by the MLB fraternity not just once, but three times. Of course, the reality is he has gotten two brand new, taxpayer funded stadiums for MLB, and that is all that matters to Bud Selig and probably a good portion of the owners.

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    • If they are getting the bye I don't want to give them too much rest.
    • 28 man roster limits the amount of "resting" you can do.   Flaherty will start  a game vs Boston, I am sure.   And Irvin can come back up and start a game.   But you still got to get at least 108 outs vs the Red Sox and those two  probably take care of 33 at most. But we'll have all next week to rest pitchers. I can certainly see giving Adley some time off... the off day tomorrow, another complete game off sometime during the week, and maybe 1 or 2 games at DH as well.
    • I wonder what kind of contract he's looking for next year? I'm positive he likes this clubhouse a lot. He likes Hyde. We need a 5th starter and I've seen a ton of guys worse than Kyle Gibson make starts for the Baltimore Orioles. 
    • I’m with you but we know how much they prioritize the vets so you can pencil in Gibson for one of those starts, especially after today’s performance and even more so if they draw Toronto.    The remaining games will go: 9/26 Was  Bradish  9/27 Was  Rodriguez 9/28 Bos   Kremer 9/29 Bos   Means 9/30 Bos  Gibson 10/1  Bos  Bradish    The division round starts 10/7, which would give them plenty of time to set up their three starters for whatever order that they prefer. I agree with you that GrayRod should be one of the top 3 but if they draw Toronto I will not be surprised to see Kremer get the ball in one of the games because he flat-out dominated the Jays this year. Edit: If the O’s win their next two and Tampa loses one of their next two, that pushes the O’s lead in the division to four games in the loss column. Tampa could not beat them for the division title. Perhaps if that plays out they will skip some turns in the rotation to give extra rest. 
    • And being out of state, i would see very few Oriole games on TV during the year. If they were on the Saturday game of the week with Curt Gowdy and Tony Kubek, that was great.  Very rare though.  Same with Monday night baseball, although i do remember the Royals Monday night game in 1976 with Reggie Jackon.   And then watching in the playoffs was also a challenge as the games were on in the day and if you were in school, tough luck.  I do remember faking being sick and staying home to watch the O's and the A's in either 1973 or 1974.  Talk about monster teams. The only time i could listen to the O's on the radio was when they played the Angels.  I could pick up the game when it was light out, but when it got dark it was much harder to get.  But what a treat to be able to listen!!  Hard to understand in this day and age.
    • Today ended the race. Get this thing clinched against DC and rest your guys over the weekend.
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