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Vegas over under for Orioles wins 76.5


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Please understand that this in no way means that they think the Orioles will win 76 or 77 games. They simply don't care about that. They think that their will be close to the same amount wagered by the betting public on either side of that line. They are handicapping the bettors, not the team. Vegas doesn't bet on teams.

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Prognosticators point to the lack of off-season moves, regression to the mean in 1-run games, and players overachieving last year, in predicting the demise of the Orioles in 2012. But there's not much talk outside of Baltimore about all the players that under-performed last year.

Nick Markakis: 420 ABs, 59 R, 54 RBI- all career lows because of injury

J.J. Hardy: .671 OPS- down from .801 the year before and .741 for his career

Matt Wieters: his Ks were up from the year before and his SLG and OPS were down a little

Manny Machado: only 51 games- O's were 33-18 after Manny came up

Nolan Reimold: 16 games played- I know it's not a given with him, but he has to a full season in at some point?

Second Base: Orioles second basemen were last in OBP and 2nd from last in SLG in all of baseball- room for improvement with a healthy Roberts or an improved Flaherty/Casilla

Starting Pitching: 9th in ERA in the AL- good chance the O's will find a way to improve on this number

Baring injury, most the players/positions on this list should improve their overall production leading to some wins in 2012. I know it's not that simple but the point is with all the talk about the team "overachieving" last year, there's barely a whisper on how several key players actually underachieved and they still won 93 games.

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