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LaRoche's kid hangs out with dad all spring and summer


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Interesting article in the Post about Adam LaRoche and his 11 YO kid. The kid spends "entire spring with his dad, and tag along for most of the season at Nationals Park".


"We're not big on school," LaRoche said. "I told my wife, He's going to learn a lot more useful information in the clubhouse than he will in the classroom, as far as life lessons."

I'm sure Adam and kid are having a blast. Perhaps I'm too conservative and regimented but I found the story a bit weird. Adam pulls kid out of school just to hang out and have fun?

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It says he does have a tutor and has to pass the standardized tests mandated in his state. It's not much different than other home school situations (except, uh, that it really is quite different, but not necessarily in a bad way).

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Yeah, that was my first reaction until I read the part "He and Drake play baseball in the morning. If he’s not playing in the game, they either go fishing or play golf. At night, they play Ping-Pong at their rental home." “And, if we got time,” LaRoche said, “do some homework.”

All that said, his dad has made enough $$$ to support the next 3 or 4 generations of LaRoche's. I guess in their particular case, education is truly overrated.

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One of my colleagues at work has a son who played Little League with LaRoche's son. In 2011, when LaRoche missed most of the year with an injury, he regularly attended the Little League games. From what I'm told, LaRoche is a super-nice guy and not at all a "baseball dad" -- he let the coaches do their job and just enjoyed the games.

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