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Nice article about Mark Reynolds


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He acquits himself well:

1) Doesn't pay attention to the media

2) Didn't like learning he would be the Indians' DH after signing as their 1B, but appreciates how they handled it

3) Says nice things about his time in BMore.

I'm OK with him being gone, but all in all, I'm a fan of his.


In September, he hit nine homers and drove in 24 runs as the Orioles made the postseason for the first time since 1997.

"Last year in Baltimore, our bullpen was great," Reynolds said. "We won a lot of one-run games, a lot of extra-inning games. Our clubhouse was awesome.

"It's funny. I see a lot of similarities with this team, as far as the back end of our bullpen and the guys on the team who seem to be coming together pretty well."

If the Indians should repeat what Baltimore did last year, it's hard to imagine anyone complaining about a few more strikeouts.

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