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If McNamee sues Clemens


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I just saw an interesting article on MLB.com that claims NcNamee has hired an additional lawyer, because of his experience in libel and defamation cases, and will bring suit against Clemens if he continues to insist that NcNamee lied about Clemens steroid use. Much seems to depend on what Clemens will say in the Mike Wallace interview on Jan. 6th.


Clemens lawyer has said he is also considering filing a suit against NcNamee and those involved in the Mitchell report, and has hired private investigators to begin their own investigation. Personally I think this is an investigation to find out how much damning evidence there is out there against Clemens.

As has been stated here and elsewhere, someone is obviously lying, and I see little reason for McNamee to lie under oath just to embellish his story, but that's just my opinion. The fact is it's becoming more and more likely that this part of the Mitchell report will end up in a court of law and if it does the witness list should be star studded, and nobody will be able to hide behind the Players Union and decline the opportunity to state their side of things.

It could be a long hot Summer for MLB!

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