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Final 2013 Draft order - and the Orioles Four Picks in the top 100

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Pick Team

1 Houston Astros

2 Chicago Cubs

3 Colorado Rockies

4 Minnesota Twins

5 Cleveland Indians

6 Miami Marlins

7 Boston Red Sox

8 Kansas City Royals

9 Pittsburgh Pirates (for unsigned 2012 pick Mark Appel)

10 Toronto Blue Jays

11 New York Mets

12 Seattle Mariners

13 San Diego Padres

14 Pittsburgh Pirates

15 Arizona Diamondbacks

16 Philadelphia Phillies

17 Chicago White Sox

18 Los Angeles Dodgers

19 St. Louis Cardinals

20 Detroit Tigers

21 Tampa Bay Rays

22 Baltimore Orioles

23 Texas Rangers

24 Oakland Athletics

25 San Francisco Giants

26 New York Yankees

27 Cincinnati Reds

Supplemental First Round

Pick Team

28 St. Louis Cardinals (for Kyle Lohse)

29 Tampa Bay Rays (for B.J. Upton)

30 Texas Rangers (for Josh Hamilton)

31 Atlanta Braves (for Michael Bourn)

32 New York Yankees (for Rafael Soriano)

33 New York Yankees (for Nick Swisher)

Competitive Balance Lottery Round A

Pick Team

34 Kansas City Royals

35 Miami Marlins (in 2012 trade from Pittsburgh Pirates)

36 Arizona Diamondbacks

37 Baltimore Orioles

38 Cincinnati Reds

39 Detroit Tigers (in 2012 trade from Miami Marlins)

Second Round

Pick Team

40 Houston Astros

41 Chicago Cubs

42 Colorado Rockies

43 Minnesota Twins

44 Miami Marlins

45 Boston Red Sox

46 Kansas City Royals

47 Toronto Blue Jays

48 New York Mets

49 Seattle Mariners

50 San Diego Padres

51 Pittsburgh Pirates

52 Arizona Diamondbacks

53 Philadelphia Phillies

54 Milwaukee Brewers

55 Chicago White Sox

56 Los Angeles Dodgers

57 St. Louis Cardinals

58 Detroit Tigers

59 Los Angeles Angels

60 Tampa Bay Rays

61 Baltimore Orioles

62 Texas Rangers

63 Oakland Athletics

64 San Francisco Giants

65 Atlanta Braves

66 New York Yankees

67 Cincinnati Reds

68 Washington Nationals

Competitive Balance Lottery Round B

Pick Team

69 San Diego Padres

70 Colorado Rockies

71 Oakland Athletics

72 Milwaukee Brewers

73 Miami Marlins (in 2012 trade from Detroit Tigers)

Third Round

Pick Team

74 Houston Astros

75 Chicago Cubs

76 New York Mets (for unsigned 2012 pick Teddy Stankiewicz)

77 Colorado Rockies

78 Minnesota Twins

79 Cleveland Indians

80 Miami Marlins

81 Boston Red Sox

82 Kansas City Royals

83 Toronto Blue Jays

84 New York Mets

85 Seattle Mariners

86 San Diego Padres

87 Pittsburgh Pirates

88 Arizona Diamondbacks

89 Philadelphia Phillies

90 Milwaukee Brewers

91 Chicago White Sox

92 Los Angeles Dodgers

93 St. Louis Cardinals

94 Detroit Tigers

95 Los Angeles Angels

96 Philadelphia Phillies (for unsigned 2012 pick Alec Rash)

97 Tampa Bay Rays

98 Baltimore Orioles

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I think so. It is market size and revenue that dictate it. Our revenue will be up, but our market is actually smaller all the time.

Good for the team but it is ridiculous to think Baltimore needs help because of the market size when they have MASN.

That being said I will take any and all extra picks MLB wants to bestow upon them.

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    • That's why I said I don't think it's his top priority. But I do think he thinks about these scenarios. 
    • Yeah. If it were just Mayo for Skubal for 2+ years, you'd have to consider it
    • Not saying I disagree. It would be hard trade to make due to Skubal injury history.
    • I still need to write about Bill this morning. I saw the Celtics are going to the NBA Finals and thats one of the teams Bill played on. Bill played only two seasons with the Celtics in Boston, but was the sixth man for the 1985-86 championship team that is considered by many to be the greatest team in NBA history. Bill was great friends with Larry Bird,Kevin McHale, Dennis Johnson and his all time favorite player, on and off the court was Bill Russell. Most people don't know it, but his entire life, Bill dreamed of being a Laker. Jerry West, a man I deeply respect in all aspect of the game, turned down Bill's request for a tryout, and Bill was hurt, and Bill never forgot the rejection. Bill was a rare mix of irreverent and traditional old school at the same time. He cared little for personal honors, preferring excellence in pursuit of perfection. But like all of us, HE was imperfect, and perfection is impossible in life because all of us are mortal. Still, I'd like to see the NBA come up with some sort of permanent honor commemorating Bill. It can 't be an honor that represents Bill's deep commitment to his citizenship, because theres already one, it's called the Walter Kennedy Award. Bill Russell has his name on the NBA MVP Award for the Finals, so theres another one not available for Bill. Still, I'd like to see Bill be honored in an award named after him for something that is not easy to quantify. Joy and love for the game. The player who most exemplifies love and joy, for the sport and for life itself. I don't know how you could even award something like that, but maybe the NBA could poll fans or coaches . Of course, Bill would scoff at some award in his name. He turned me down as an honoree for my charity(now in its 30th year) for many years because he never felt "worthy". And then finally he accepted the award ONLY if he could give the handsome honorarium to a wounded veteran so the vet could help buy a van outfitted for disabled people. What a human being Bill was. The NBA should try and remember him somehow, but it's likely they wont, not with a permanent honor. Because Bill was and will always be hard to quantify with any one award. So whether they do or don't remember Bill, is not really the point I guess. The fact is Bill will be remembered by millions as an original, a joyful soul, who lived every aspect of his life with wonder, passion, and that unquantifiable quality..joy. I have a painting Bill signed for me, that he only posed for if it included John Wooden in the painting. It's a dual painting of Bill and his coach. I see it on my wall now. The inscription says this: "To Roy, thanks for life. Beyond here, lies nothing". That's SOOOO Bill. And so I say today, Bill, thank YOU for (your) LIFE. Beyond here, lies your memory of everything you represented...and it's not nothing. Bill attended close to 1,000 Grateful Dead concerts in his life. He actually played congas on stage with the band several times including one concert at the Pyramid's in Egypt. Last night I found a lyric to a famous "Dead" song, and I want to end this post with those lyrics. Here's what he quoted from that song. "Thank you, and some other things to remember, because there’s a lot going on, We used to play for silver, now we play for life, Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right, I used to be a lost sailor, away too long at sea, now, I’m a tiger in a trance, a saint of circumstance, I sure don’t know what I’m going for, but I’m going to go for it for sure, there’s no time to lose, The first days are the hardest days, don’t worry about it, when life looks like easy street, there’s danger at your door, what I want to know is—are you kind, and will you come with me, it all rolls into one, but nothing comes for free, it’s all about the rhythm, good luck, shine on, thank you, BW.   --------------------------------------------------------------- WOW. Exactly.
    • He was put in there to eat 2 innings and take a look at.  If he had given up 2 or 4 runs while also getting 6 outs no big deal.  I doubt they expected 2 shutout innings.   They didn’t expect 4 walks without recording an out with no signs that it was going to get better.  Nor should they have expected that.  It was his worst appearance of his year and probably, without checking, the entirety of his brief career.
    • Even if Soto has to DH he could easily have a back end of his career like David Ortiz or Miggy. 
    • I think how long this dude lasts on the roster really doesn't depend on him - it depends on the rotation and the rest of the bullpen.  If we get 7 inning starts from Grod and Burnes the next two days, he's likely to last into the weekend.  If we get a clunker thrown in there and 5-6 bullpen guys have to pitch in one game, he probably doesn't - but even then there is an off day Thursday, so he still might survive another game or two.  Simple as that.
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