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Final 2013 Draft order - and the Orioles Four Picks in the top 100

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Pick Team

1 Houston Astros

2 Chicago Cubs

3 Colorado Rockies

4 Minnesota Twins

5 Cleveland Indians

6 Miami Marlins

7 Boston Red Sox

8 Kansas City Royals

9 Pittsburgh Pirates (for unsigned 2012 pick Mark Appel)

10 Toronto Blue Jays

11 New York Mets

12 Seattle Mariners

13 San Diego Padres

14 Pittsburgh Pirates

15 Arizona Diamondbacks

16 Philadelphia Phillies

17 Chicago White Sox

18 Los Angeles Dodgers

19 St. Louis Cardinals

20 Detroit Tigers

21 Tampa Bay Rays

22 Baltimore Orioles

23 Texas Rangers

24 Oakland Athletics

25 San Francisco Giants

26 New York Yankees

27 Cincinnati Reds

Supplemental First Round

Pick Team

28 St. Louis Cardinals (for Kyle Lohse)

29 Tampa Bay Rays (for B.J. Upton)

30 Texas Rangers (for Josh Hamilton)

31 Atlanta Braves (for Michael Bourn)

32 New York Yankees (for Rafael Soriano)

33 New York Yankees (for Nick Swisher)

Competitive Balance Lottery Round A

Pick Team

34 Kansas City Royals

35 Miami Marlins (in 2012 trade from Pittsburgh Pirates)

36 Arizona Diamondbacks

37 Baltimore Orioles

38 Cincinnati Reds

39 Detroit Tigers (in 2012 trade from Miami Marlins)

Second Round

Pick Team

40 Houston Astros

41 Chicago Cubs

42 Colorado Rockies

43 Minnesota Twins

44 Miami Marlins

45 Boston Red Sox

46 Kansas City Royals

47 Toronto Blue Jays

48 New York Mets

49 Seattle Mariners

50 San Diego Padres

51 Pittsburgh Pirates

52 Arizona Diamondbacks

53 Philadelphia Phillies

54 Milwaukee Brewers

55 Chicago White Sox

56 Los Angeles Dodgers

57 St. Louis Cardinals

58 Detroit Tigers

59 Los Angeles Angels

60 Tampa Bay Rays

61 Baltimore Orioles

62 Texas Rangers

63 Oakland Athletics

64 San Francisco Giants

65 Atlanta Braves

66 New York Yankees

67 Cincinnati Reds

68 Washington Nationals

Competitive Balance Lottery Round B

Pick Team

69 San Diego Padres

70 Colorado Rockies

71 Oakland Athletics

72 Milwaukee Brewers

73 Miami Marlins (in 2012 trade from Detroit Tigers)

Third Round

Pick Team

74 Houston Astros

75 Chicago Cubs

76 New York Mets (for unsigned 2012 pick Teddy Stankiewicz)

77 Colorado Rockies

78 Minnesota Twins

79 Cleveland Indians

80 Miami Marlins

81 Boston Red Sox

82 Kansas City Royals

83 Toronto Blue Jays

84 New York Mets

85 Seattle Mariners

86 San Diego Padres

87 Pittsburgh Pirates

88 Arizona Diamondbacks

89 Philadelphia Phillies

90 Milwaukee Brewers

91 Chicago White Sox

92 Los Angeles Dodgers

93 St. Louis Cardinals

94 Detroit Tigers

95 Los Angeles Angels

96 Philadelphia Phillies (for unsigned 2012 pick Alec Rash)

97 Tampa Bay Rays

98 Baltimore Orioles

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I think so. It is market size and revenue that dictate it. Our revenue will be up, but our market is actually smaller all the time.

Good for the team but it is ridiculous to think Baltimore needs help because of the market size when they have MASN.

That being said I will take any and all extra picks MLB wants to bestow upon them.

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    • What would be ideal is for the #1-#2 punch at the top of the rotation to be a combo of RHP and LHP.  It seems that the teams who are most successful have those guys to lead their rotation. And I agree with your statement about John Means. If Grayson Rodriguez were to provide us with any indicator, then John Means will not be the same guy that he was before his injury.  (Neither is Grayson compared to himself prior to injury.)
    • The most intriguing mystery about this series is who will pitch on Wednesday? Could be Irvin, Could be Voth. Could be DL Hall? Maybe Drew Rom makes his Major League debut? Hmm...
    • I blame the Montreal Expos for that. They poached our territory. And all the front office executives from 2001-2011 are also partially to blame for failing to compete with Washington for fans. (And as a side note, I really hope we are valuing our fans from North Carolina who have supported the Orioles for generations.)
    • Interesting little piece of trivia. At this same point (of service time on the calendar) through both their careers, Cal (Ripken Jr) had played in fewer games and had fewer plate appearances. Gunnar Henderson has a better wOBA and a better wRC+ through the same amount of plate appearances up to this point of Gunnar's career. (I'll make a topic about it tomorrow).
    • The story of the Guardians year has been the inability to put runs on the board, but they still lead MLB in fewest Strikeouts, and Fangraphs still pegs BAL the very worst team at defense YTD. They won the rubber game today of their Cardinals series, so are coming in on a little bit of a good note.     The Twins haven't played very well, leaving almost everyone a good week away from the division lead. K-BB standing among Active Roster AL SP (18) Wells v. (30) Allen (54) Gibson v. (61) Quantrill Voth/Irvin v. (49) Bieber 2 of 3 day games in a weekday series with the holiday, and a getaway day out to San Francisco and Alex Cobb for us.     Cleanup hitter Josh Naylor sat out today after fouling a ball off his foot, but X-rays okay and chances are he'll be back for this series.     With the 2.5 day break from WED afternoon to FRI night late, Hyde should have a lot of options for the finale if Wells/Gibson hold serve.  
    • Anyone else pissed that they played us so tough? We should have swept them. 
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