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Wtf? Cano signs with Jay-Z?

Hank Scorpio

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I think Jay-Z's business acumen is much more well documented than Master P. Sean Carter had built an empire and it makes sense that he'd go after the next big New York free agent since it's his hometown. The opportunity for players tap into his massive ties to the entertainment industry could be huge for some guys looking for big endorsement deals.

The fact Cano left Boras is the most stunning part of this. You don't see many top dollar free agents leaving the guy best known for bringing in the biggest numbers for his clients.

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From Yahoo Sports and the NY Daily News:

@JeffPassan: Important: Almost every star with CAA signs a contract extension. Braun, Cain, Danks, Ethier, Halladay, Howard, Ad. Jones, Peavy, Zimmerman.

@NYDNHarper: Source stressed Cano isn’t comfortable with so much attention on his impending FA, wants to get a deal done “sooner rather than later.”

@NYDNHarper: Source close to Cano: “He wants to be a Yankee. He’s wants his money but he’s anxious to sign. Didn’t think that could happen with Boras.”

Poor Scott. He just lost a big one.

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I suspect that it was more about firing Boras than about hiring Jay-Z.

Cano wants to stay a Yankee, and he probably didn't want Boras getting in the way of that (perhaps by playing hardball with the Yankees during negotiations, as per his reputation.)

Cano's Empire State of Mind should keep him with Yankees


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