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Jim Johnson Today, 2013


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The last three blown saves were all awful, the second one particularly bad.

This 4th one, well truly crushing - don't know what to say, hope someone has some answers that solves this open wound. I find it ironic and slightly sickening that JJ was helping Strop a few weeks back to get him back on track, guess Strop gave him some pointers of his own

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Of all the "rules" in the baseball "book", the worst very well may be "Thou shalt not remove thy closer from the game until the save is blown, no matter how bad he looks."

Yeah that is absolutely asinine. Someone explain to me why that unwritten rule is a good idea. The old-school baseball folks who despise saber metrics and adhere to the rule described above just come across as complete fools.

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You should list his save totals for the year with these! :) That would be awesome.

Was really nice to see him spin some great curveballs.

Yes. This is a key pitch for him. The sinker is great, but he is dominant when he has the sinker and one of his off speed pitches going.

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IP:. 0.33 O(SAVE) *

H:o 1

R:O 0

BB: 0

SO: 0

Pitches: 9 (5 Strikes, 4 Balls)

2013 ERA: 4.30

* Johnson entered the game with runners on 1st and 2nd base and two outs.

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