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Where are They Now? BA's Top 100 Prospects of 2006

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For those counting,

There are exactly 50 players listed on Opening Day rosters.

There are another 12 listed on the Disabled List.

Fifteen players are floating around in minor league systems.

Twenty-two are free agents, playing in Indy/Japanese/Carribbean leagues, or otherwise out of baseball altogether.

One is Nick Adenhart.


Seven players are relief pitchers; two of those are closers.

Twelve are starting pitchers, and seven started Opening Day for their teams.

Only two are bench players; they both happen sit on the bench in Oakland.

Five play for the Orioles, which is the most of any other team.

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By my count, only three of those players never made it to the majors. Is that correct?

If so, that would not be unusual. The vast majority (on the order of 90-95%) of BA Top 100 players make it to the majors, at least for a cup of coffee.

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From a thread I started last year:

So far, the position players who debuted 2006 have amassed 456 WAR. That is an amazing total, higher than any class since 1998, and of course the '98 class has had 15 year to accumulate its total, while the '06 class has had only 7 years to do it.

Leaders from the class of '06:

Pedroia 30.7

Kinsler 28.7

Tulowitzky 25.7

Zobrist 25.4

Markakis 21.6

Bourn 19.0

Martin 18.9

Uggla 18.8

Kemp 18.2

Kendrick 17.1

Adam Jones is 18th, at 13.2.

By the way, 2006 was a deep class for pitchers, too, 307 WAR so far. The '05 class may be slightly better (356.8, but in one extra year). No other class since 2001 has over 300 WAR. (The '01 class had 315 WAR, but again that's in 12 seasons, not 7 like the class of '06). Top pitchers who debuted in '06 are:

Weaver 27.8

Hamels 27.4

Lester 23.4

Shields 17.0

Jiminez 16.4

Billingsley 15.5

Sanchez 14.2

Garza 11.8

Saito 10.1

Marmol 10.0


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