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Steve Johnson Today, 2013


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Dan Connolly says:

Right-hander Steve Johnson (lat) threw 4 innings and 70 pitches in Fort Myers, Fla., as part of an extended spring game. Assuming he feels good during a side session this weekend, Johnson will make his 2013 pro debut next week in Charlotte for the Triple-A Norfolk Tides, the club anticipates.

Orioles manager Buck Showalter said Johnson, a St. Paul’s graduate who was 4-0 with a 2.11 ERA for the Orioles last year, will start in his first outing of this season.



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The AAA-Tides made 3 errors in the first 5 innings that Johnson pitched. Chris Robinson (catcher) made a throwing error, and Danny Valencia (3rd baseman) made 2 errors on the same play (fielding and throwing.)

Johnson pitched 5 shutout innings on 65 pitches (46 Strikes, 19 Balls) before running into trouble in the 6th.

STEVE JOHNSON O (vs. AAA-Toledo, 4/29)

IP:. 5.67

H:o 4

R:O 2

BB: 2

SO: 8

Pitches: 87 (59 Strikes, 28 Balls)

2013 ERA: 5.06

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I say it is time for the merry go round to continue. Britton did nothing tonight to warrant a second start. He didn't look comfortable out there. I'd say Steve Johnson is next up. Bring up Garcia as well, but not as a SP. I think he is much more effective in the BP. We need an extra BP arm any way with the way our starters have been going. I like Dickerson but he hasn't played. Send him down for the extra arm in the BP.

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Well, it is clear Britton isn't the answer. I know that some will call this post too reactive, but he hasn't looked comfortable or confident on a big league mound since 2011. Arrieta isn't the answer and Britton isn't the answer. Stinton was a joke. If not Johnson yet, then bring up Garcia now before moving him to the bullpen.

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