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vs. DODGERS, 4/20 (Game Two)


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Carl Crawford - LF

Nick Punto - 2B

Matt Kemp - CF

Adrian Gonzalez - 1B

Jerry Hairston - RF

Andre Ethier - DH

A.J. Ellis - C

Juan Uribe - 3B

Luis Cruz - SS

Josh Beckett - RHP (0-2, 3.26 ERA)


Nate McLouth - LF

Manny Machado - 3B

Nick Markakis - RF

Adam Jones - DH

Chris Davis - 1B

J.J. Hardy - SS

Chris Dickerson - CF

Taylor Teagarden - C

Ryan Flaherty - 2B

Wei-Yin Chen - LHP (0-2, 4.00 ERA)


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Hard-luck pitcher match-up with some similar numbers in 2013.


Chen is 0-2.

Beckett is 0-2.

Chen has a W.H.I.P. of 1.167

Beckett has a W.H.I.P. of 1.086

Chen has walked 3 batters in 18 innings.

Beckett has walked 3 batters (1 intentional) in 19.33 innings.

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We all gotta pull harder tonight for the team. A lot of the Hangout is in Section 8 tonight, last section in RF, next to the Flag Court. We have to carry the online rooting load tonight. LABELS OUT!


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I can easily say Wei-Yin is my favorite pitcher on the team. I have him on 2 of 3 of my fantasy teams (only because somebody beat me to him in the other... :P ) To me he's a long haul guy. You keep running him out there and good or bad, the numbers will be there in the end.

Josh freakin' Beckett gets traded out of our Division and we STILL catch him today! :angryfire:[video=youtube;giuI0e-wqIc]

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