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Pittsburgh/Seattle Blockbuster rumor (unlikely)


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Just thought i'd post this, doesn't appear anything is close but it is interesting:

Tell me something new on the trade front." -- LL, Bryant, PA

Paw-paw is doing well, thanks for asking! A new rumor? Hmm.. not many floating around at all. As mentioned at the discussion forum, I'm still hearing whispers about Snell/Bay to the Mariners. But as one journalist in Seattle said recently, I'm not sure they can get this deal done.

There are numerous reports that suggest Huntington is looking for three MLB-ready prospects for Snell and I assume if he's dealing Bay at 2006 value, he'll want close to that for him.

Will Clement, Jones, Balentein, Morrow, Tillman, Triunfel, and maybe Sherrill get it done? Hmm..


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makes me feel a little better about what McPhail is asking for Bedard. Snell, while having a decent year last year, is not on par with Bedard.

I thought Thanksgiving had already come and gone but apparently there are still turkeys flying around the rumor mill :rolleyes:

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