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Josh Stinson in Baltimore Will start Wed game.


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<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Josh Stinson in Baltimore. Being told he will start Wed vs jays for Os. Team has not announced it.</p>— Dan Connolly (@danconnollysun) <a href="

">April 23, 2013</a></blockquote>

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Good-I like this decision. Garcia would have been fine too.

Britton, Garcia, SJ, Gausman and Wada all waiting...Jake just went to the very back of the line.

We have a line! Just brought a tear to my eye. :clap:

I suspect the 5th starter "line" goes something like this:

1. Arrieta

2. Stinson

3. Britton

4. Garcia

5. Wada (goes to top when healthy)

6. Johnson (goes to top if healthy before Wada, or #2 after Wada)

7. Gausman (goes to #4 when deemed ready)

8. Bundy (goes to #5 when deemed ready)

But Arrieta's likely going to be the 5th when he's eligible to return and the team needs a 5th starter, assuming the others aren't ready yet.

[Edit: in other words, if both are available, Arrieta's still the 5th guy. Not Stinson.]

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    • The Rays defense way just atrocious last night, i can't imagine what their fans felt like watching that game.
    • I have been over this before, so I wasn’t going to get way back into things but I guess I need to. He doesn’t have large sample sizes in any recent seasons for the most part. His 2021 season was ok. Not bad, not great. An FIP of 3.75. Ok but not great K rate, low Bb rate, high Hr rate, league average missed bats rate, 117 ERA+. Overall, an average to slightly above average all around season in just 34 IP. Prior to 2021, he had years with below average walk rates, below average Str%, below average swingstr%, below average K rates (also years with good K rates), higher FIPs, etc… He hasn’t been trusted to pitch more than 35 innings in any year since 2017, when he had his career high of 51.2 IP (.1 higher than this year).   He did perform well in the minors except for 2019, when  his ERA was almost 5.   Overall, his profile is anything from really bad to above average but always in SSS, so it’s tough to gauge in either direction. Either way, I’m not writing him down as a definitive excellent pitcher in 2024. Don’t get me wrong, he has been excellent this year and he showed signs of being really good in the past but I can’t imagine anyone would be surprised if he all of a sudden had problems finding the strike zone and started to give up a lot of homers. Those are 2 major issues he has already had in his career in many different seasons. Either way, to get back to the point…if you want Hall in the pen (and I’m unsure if they do right now), you don’t keep him out of the pen because of Perez or Coulumbe.  We can’t assume “we are all set” with lefty relievers because DC had a good year and Perez has bounced back after a bad start.
    • I did see that in the box score.  No way I would have predicted that.  We sure made it closer than it should have been.
    • Yes it was--and after a ludicrous muff by Polanco charging the ball from third. What is Polanco's defensive reputation?
    • I thought of these as well, if we get to the World Series.  I like the McGregor to Dempsey idea, and think it would be cool to have Cal throw to Eddie at the same time....so, two first pitches.
    • The texture of the clubbies economy was new to me.     Padilla the video guy shared the Players voted him a full postseason share of ~$450k, circa 10x what the Club was paying him. It was in a segment where AJ Hinch and Carlos Beltran were being compared and contrasted as stewards of what the ballclub did.  
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