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Josh Stinson in Baltimore Will start Wed game.


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<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Josh Stinson in Baltimore. Being told he will start Wed vs jays for Os. Team has not announced it.</p>— Dan Connolly (@danconnollysun) <a href="

">April 23, 2013</a></blockquote>

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Good-I like this decision. Garcia would have been fine too.

Britton, Garcia, SJ, Gausman and Wada all waiting...Jake just went to the very back of the line.

We have a line! Just brought a tear to my eye. :clap:

I suspect the 5th starter "line" goes something like this:

1. Arrieta

2. Stinson

3. Britton

4. Garcia

5. Wada (goes to top when healthy)

6. Johnson (goes to top if healthy before Wada, or #2 after Wada)

7. Gausman (goes to #4 when deemed ready)

8. Bundy (goes to #5 when deemed ready)

But Arrieta's likely going to be the 5th when he's eligible to return and the team needs a 5th starter, assuming the others aren't ready yet.

[Edit: in other words, if both are available, Arrieta's still the 5th guy. Not Stinson.]

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    • We have no idea if Coulombe will be good next year. Based off of this year, there is plenty of reason to believe he will. Based on the several years prior to 2023, there is plenty of reason to believe he won’t. He obviously should be in the pen to start the year and has to pitch his way off of it but I wouldn’t keep Hall out of the pen (if that’s where you want to put him) because of other lefties that we have. If you get hitters out, it shouldn’t matter which arm you throw with.
    • Well Mateo is listed..good point about Hicks but maybe he is injured?
    • And the MLB's own investigation came to the conclusion that the suspension was warranted, but should come to an end. And again, a settlement of lawsuits does not mean acquittal.  This is always the problem with sexual assault cases, at the end of the day there are only two people involved and both can have legitimately competing interpretations of events (that is to say both sides genuinely and in good faith believe they are telling the truth). However, while this case is resolved there are numerous others that have been uncovered that either never went beyond restraining orders or are still currently being litigated. That shows a pattern of Mr. Bauer being, at the very least, remarkably irresponsible when considering his interactions with others.  The question was not whether or not he should be in jail, the question was whether or not the Orioles should entertain the idea of signing him. I believe they should stay away because the guy has a track record of not only sexual malfeasance, but also he was a complete headcase before that. He likely was altering the baseball in some clandestine way while in Cincy to obtain otherwordly spin numbers that suddenly dropped back to normal as he went to LA and the MLB cracked down on it.  I understand that some here are taking this opportunity to stand up for a man they believe has been wronged by "the mob," I would remind you that he doesnt deny he beat her, just that he didnt break her skull.  So go off I guess. 
    • Agreed.  The LHP in the BP look solid.   The book isn’t written on Hall yet.  It would be great if he can somehow stick in the rotation.
    • I think Mateo and Hicks make the playoff roster.
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