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I think I'm dumping Baseball America


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Someone want to convince me not to? I just got my renewal notice in the mail and they're asking for almost $90 for a year's print/online subscription.

Am I out of line in thinking that's completely insane? Even the online-only subscription is $60.

Back in college I used to go scrounging around little bookstores in Blacksburg to find copies of BA. It was pure gold. Ever since The Sporting News drastically cut their minor league coverage in the 1980s BA was pretty much the only place to find out what Sherwin Cjinte was hitting at Charlotte. I've been a BA subscriber since roughly 1993.

But what they provide isn't so great today. The net has made BA's statistical coverage look kind of pale. They used to have more information before the minor league statistical consolidation a few years ago, but now they don't even have games played by position, or many other basics. And the print edition is always about three or four weeks behind. Many of their articles are OBE by the time the magazine arrives.

They are my best source for scouting-based information outside the O's organization. And they're a pretty good source for indy leagues, which I really get into.

But that's not worth $90. It's really not worth $60. I could afford it, but I think BA has stopped being relevant enough for me to fork out anything like that amount of cash.

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