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vs. Angels 5/4


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Joe and Tim (and Buck) talking up MM BIG TIME on air and BAM! HR MM!!

BLARGH! Somehow I've managed to miss all his home runs, unless you count watching his 3-run bomb from Earl Weaver night on TV's from fifty yards away in the smoking section outside of OPACY as seeing it.

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ARRRGH! I have purchased MLBTV, the game is supposed to be on FOX...but here they are showing the Brewers Cards game. SOOO I can't watch the game at all. I should be able to watch this game seeing as how I have PAID MLB a premium to be able to watch my team. I hate you today MLB.


And I get the freakin' Nats here in FL. I used to love watching Stras pitch but the thrill is gone....

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btw, my little lowD 21" TV cuts off almost the whole Fox score/mph/count/inning bow upper left. :le sigh:

Fox has a terrible SD broadcast for all sports it seems. Because of your post I remembered that I can cut the cable off and watch HD over the air.:D

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