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vs. Royals 5/9


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For those that prefer the neon lights: :laughlol:


Alcides Escobar - SS

Lorenzo Cain - CF

Alex Gordon - LF

Billy Butler - DH

Eric Hosmer - 1B

Salvador Perez - C

Mike Moustakas - 3B

Jeff Francoeur - RF

Chris Getz - 2B

Jeremy Guthrie - RHP (4-0, 2.40 ERA)


Nate McLouth - LF

Manny Machado - 3B

Nick Markakis - RF

Adam Jones - CF

Chris Davis - 1B

Matt Wieters - C

J.J. Hardy - SS

Ryan Flaherty - 2B

Nolan Reimold - DH

Freddy Garcia - RHP (0-0, 2.70 ERA)


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Not even a chance for rain according to weather.com.

I really loved Guthrie when he pitched for us, but I hope he gives up a couple big flies with runners on base tonight. He's back at Camden Yards and without looking up anything specific, I'm pretty sure he hasn't pitched great here.

If anyone could direct me to a site that shows stadium stats for a player's career, that'd be much appreciated!

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Uhhh... why is the game delayed? The twins radio guys said it's not raining at the park and theres 0% chance of precipitation for the next several hours on weather.com


They said there was "rain activity" in the area, whatever that means. The grounds crew rolled out the tarp, stood on top of it for 15 minutes without putting it on the field, and are now rolling it back up. Weird.

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