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This is a bad week for Umps.


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Buster Olney ‏@Buster_ESPN 15s

Umpires just informed the press box that Mike Scioscia is protesting the game, because Wesley Wright is not being forced to face a hitter.

Scott Miller ‏@ScottMCBS 1m

More bad umpiring in Houston. #Astros allowed to make P change when reliever makes one pitch but doesn't face one batter.

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Man. If I know a rule without having to look up the ruling, every umpire should know the rule. It isn't some obscure thing... there were four umps on the field, it's a bad sign when not one of them said anything about it.

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    • We are probably going to miss the playoffs by a few games. If we win a majority of our final 6 games, which games will you look back on as the most heartbreaking that could have had us in the playoffs, had we only pulled out the win.
    • Winning 2 more games looks like a long shot.  This team played over their heads for so long, I think they just ran out of gas.  Maybe we can get a couple more ace like starter performances or just play a Yankees/Blue Jays B squad.  Disappointing to finish the year this way, even though I never thought the O's would be near .500 this year.
    • But bringing in busts like Reed really hurt us bad.
    • I understand the complaints about the lineup but really the reason we came back down to earth is the bullpen.   We were close to automatic in games we were ahead of the 6th and in almost every game if the starter kept us close.    The bullpen regressed, wore out, whatever you want to say.   As a whole, the bullpen was great for most of the season.   If the bullpen doesn't go flat, we probably make the playoffs or the season goes down to the final couple of games.
    • Thanks for everything that you all do on the Hangout. I discovered it in 1999 and have been a loyal reader ever since. Not only is it the best baseball fan site, It is the best sports fan site around.    I haven’t posted in many years, but I haven’t been this excited about the Orioles in a very long time. Thanks again guys. 
    • Carrying the lineup, no.  Likely being one less glaring hole in the lineup?  Very possible.  Helping the team win more by not being close to an automatic out?  Probable.  I understand the left versus right arguments and the pitcher splits.  But I think it's been way over blown and relied upon way too much by whoever is making that decision, be it Hyde, Elias or whatever PC just spits out the lineup.  We've put inferior players in the lineup way to often this year... it's amazing we have won a many as we have really. 
    • Even if Aguilar is never on the team Stowers is not carrying the lineup vs LHP. They simply have not performed.    There is zero doubt in my mind that Hyde is not solely making decisions. 
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