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vs. Rays 5/19


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we have 2-3 pitch at bats for a guy whose only weakness is high pitch counts...is there an art to fouling off pitches? We are not good at that.

Brian is very good at it. Fouling off and stretching out ABs.

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Too many pictures again in the second inning. The rays have been patient this Entire series. Not a lot of first pitch swings, or quick at-bats.

In Tillman's last start, he threw 45 pitches in the first 2 innings, and 82 pitches in his first 4 innings.

He's done that in several different starts this year, but has pitched well anyhow.

This is his pitch-count from his last game, when he gave up 1 run over 7 innings:



20 (16 Strikes)

25 (15 Strikes)

18 (11 Strikes)

19 (12 Strikes)

11 (61 Strikes)

61 (61 Strikes)

13 (91 Strikes)

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CC Lardball pitching for the Skanks tomorrow.
So we get Sabathia now tomorrow. Lovely.

I know, right. Sure seems like when it rains, it pours. Can't believe how many rain outs the Yankees are getting. I almost wonder if that has helped them to their great start. Hopefully it will catch up to them eventually. And hopefuly we pound Moore today, and follow it up doing the same to CC tomorrow! Phil Hughes would have been nice... BUT...

It almost seems that sometimes, when a team is struggling, it may be better to face an ACE, rather than a struggling pitcher. When teams are struggling (and I know the offense isn't, per se), but I think everyone tends to press a little, and an average pitcher may have an advantage he wouldnt otherwise had. Vs an Ace, expectations are lowers, and I think you by nature don't press as much. Did that make any sense?

I think I may have just talked myself into preferring to CC tomorrow.

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Wait till the Rays bring Myers up. They are going to walk away with the East!

I predicted that the Rays would win the division this year and the Orioles to come in second.

Outside of the Orioles, I would much rather have them (the Rays) win it than the Yankees or the Red Sox.

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