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Umm, Tulo.....what are you doing?


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It's pretty funny actually. He picks one guy to do it to every game. So now when they're going through their lines at the end you see all his teammates trying to back away from him, stick their backside out, or do whatever they can can make sure they're not "the one".

I mean, it's weird. But kind of funny.

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    • Don't reduce the number of games.   Add a few more roster spots to help with late season fatigue.
    • I have my own, personal, somewhat parallel nostalgia. I started following baseball, and especially the Phillies, in 1957, when I was 5. While I was sleeping, my father left me a note with the final score of night games, sometimes a line score, and brief game highlights. Those notes kept me abreast of the Phillies' progress -- led by remnants from the 1950 pennant-winning Whiz Kids and ROY runner-up Ed Bouchee (convicted of indecent exposure in the '57-58 off-season), they finished at .500. The notes also were a big inducement to my learning to read and to do simple arithmetic. (I dimly recall memorizing the spelling of "Musial.")  
    • I think they usually did, yes. While I do fondly remember reading the paper and the Sporting News and the Baseball Weekly, if you told the 12-year-old version of myself that in 2023 I'd have access to every single MLB box score from 1901 to today, along with a much more comprehensive version of the Baseball Encyclopedia, on my computer, to be pulled up in an instant whenever I wanted I'd have thought that was some kind of miracle from the Gods.
    • Makes sense, I hadn’t heard particularly negative things about his defense so I was just confused why he wasn’t being used. It’s good to hear 
    • Right. If Means were to have a 3.1 K/9 going forward that would be unfortunate because that would also mean his ERA would be well north of 5.00. In the last 10 years there have been two pitchers with 100+ innings and a K/9 under 4.0. Both in 2013, Jake Westbrook and Scott Diamond.  Westbrook had an ERA of 4.63 in his last Major League season. Diamond a 5.43 and would pitch just one MLB inning after that season.  Means going forward is going to have to approximate his career strikeout rate or he's going to have a hard time. The further from league average the harder.
    • Mounty coming back Wednesday seems unlikely if he still can’t swing a bat
    • They might refer to that as being "effectively wild." I saw him pitch one game this year, and he was his own worst enemy  by walking guys.  I think it was the 3rd inning, he walked the first two batters (the #8 and #9 batters in the lineup), then got an out, gave up a single to load the bases, and then a grand slam.  He does need to get a lot more consistent in the strike zone and reduce the walks to make it in the bigs. 
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