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Get Strop off of this roster


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Strop is emotional on the mound. When things go bad you can see it and it seems like he loses his composure.

Okay, if that is what was meant with the term headcase I suppose I can see that. I guess the term just has a different connotation for me as in "doesn't listen to instruction" or something like that.

When he was right last season though he got out of a bunch of tight spots, some he inherited and some he created himself.

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Buck blamed the whole thing on Patton.

I was angrier at Patton than Strop. You simply cannot walk Kawasaki. And then you simply cannot walk Cabrera and leave two guys on base with the Jays' two best power hitters coming up. I was yelling at my car radio at the top of my lungs when Patton pulled that stunt. What happened next was almost a foregone conclusion.

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I didn't hear what Buck said but Patton not going after Kawasaki and walking him was sooooo frustrating. I imagine that is what Buck was referring to.

Buck specifically mentioned the walk to Kawasaki, followed by "if that doesn't happen, Strop (used nickname Petey) gets a clean inning to start with.

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Put him on the dl, bring arrieta back up as either a right handed reliever or a long man.

I know the argument is "arrieta is just as bad with runners on base and control as strop", and I get that......but so was matusz.....and he's absolutely excelled since being moved to the pen.

Maybe if arrieta's mindset is changed and he comes into a game knowing he only has to throw an inning or two tops, he can throw the whole kitchen sink at guys and excel as a reliever.

Jakes biggest problems, in my opinion, were between his ears and getting throug a lineup multiple times.

Maybe by making him a reliever, we get rid of the second problem and if he begins to excel, he will get out of his own head.

At this point, anything is better than strop.

I made a point to my buddy, and I'm not even entirely sure how accurate it is (feel free to look it up), but strops era in close games (in other words when it's only a 1-3 run game, winning or losing, must be like 10+.

He has excelled in blowouts when there is zero pressure on, but in close games he's been abysmal. Like I said feel free to do the research and tell me I'm wrong and an idiot (it's entirely possible), I was just going off my memory of when I've seen him in close games this year.

The WBC shouldn't even enter into this discussion. He was playing against guys who were golfing a week before the tourney started, it has ZERO to do with how he is pitching NOW.

His mechanics are awful. Palmer has pointed out time and time again how he flies open and loses all control. If Palmer can see it and we can see it, why can't buck?

More than likely, he can and he's just trying to give his guy some confidence (I get it), but he left Gregg in at closer WAYYYYY too long before giving the ball to Johnson and his insistence to bring in strop in positions that matter is infuriating.

He clearly doesn't have it. And it isn't going to magically reappear without some Arious work. We don't have the luxury of allowing him to work it out in the majors if we are trying to win the AL East.

So either dl him and then let him try and work it out on a rehab assignment or outright him and see if he clears waivers. He most likely won't, but hey, if that's the case he's then someone else's problem.

But we can't just ignore it and act like he's isn't god awful any longer.

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I didn't hear what Buck said but Patton not going after Kawasaki and walking him was sooooo frustrating. I imagine that is what Buck was referring to.

He was and he was absolutely correct. Not going after one of the worst statistical hitters in baseball with no one on base was inexcusable. Patton is actually redundant on this team and could be replaced by Britton or just flat released in a heartbeat considering we already have matusz and McFarland.

With that said, strop was brought in to put out the fire and he instead poured gasoline on it by walking two guys and then giving up a grand slam.

Then he gives up a 405 foot out and then starts the next inning with a walk. How strop isn't target number 1, given the rest of his performances this year is absolutely beyond me.

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I know that Strop has been awful so far this year and I'm just as frustrated with his performance as anyone but, is the bolded part accurate. He doesn't seem to be any sort of head case at all. He seems like a great teammate and very genuinely good person (relative to athletes of course). Or do you just mean that he doesn't seem to be able to handle pressure? Not sure I agree with that either. I just think he can't throw strikes.

The definition of head case is someone who's not playing well and has something unorthodox or demonstrative about their manner.


- Brad Pennington, clean shaven, head down and walks off field after two walks then a strikeout. Dude who just sucks, but gets some rope.

- Brad Pennington, with neatly trimmed goatee, mild fistpump after two walks then a strikeout. Should be monitored, possibly put on meds.

- Brad Pennington, shaggy goatee with sideburns, yells out "yea baby" with double fistpump after two walks and a strikeout. Headcase, possibly a communist, DFA or demoted immediately.

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