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Day Three - Rounds 11 through 40

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MASNSteve talked to Gary Rajsich

"We are going to try and get deep into our scouts' lists to see who they really like (today)," Rajsich said. "This is the part of the draft where the area scout really gets to show his colors and get those guys he really feels strongly about.

"You have to really listen to your scouts and what they are recommending to you because, obviously, the crosscheckers and myself don't get down to (scout) these guys much."

Will there be any specific areas of focus for the Orioles today?

"No, we are still after the best pitchers and players," Rajsich said. "At some point, maybe down late 20s or maybe 30th round or so, we'll address a need in the organization. But I stress to my people we still want prospects there. We don't want just a guy filling up a position."

Rajsich has a pretty good idea of the number of players he expects to sign.

"Last year, we were around 30 and I expect it will be about the same," he said.

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Here are the top remaining players according to MLB's, Law's and Baseball America's top 100 lists. If I had access, I would have included BP...For what it's worth... (if I included someone already drafted, my bad)

MLB rank --Name -- Position -- Law ranking -- BA ranking

39 Ryan Boldt, OF 44 58

43 Kyle Serrano, RHP 21 35

52 Chris Okey, C NR 72

53 Connor Jones, RHP 29 34 (from Virginia)

57 Cavan Biggio, 2B/3B 67 67

58 Michael Wagner, RHP NR 192

60 Garrett Williams, RHP 46 66

62 Andy McGuire, 3B/SS 76 198

66 Stephen Wrenn, OF/RHP NR 109

75 Robert Tyler, RHP/OF NR 194

76 AJ Puk, LHP/1B NR 85

81 Wil Crowe, RHP 36 141

82 Chandler Eden, RHP NR 70

87 Jeremy Martinez, C/3B 100 226

91 Zack Collins, C NR 113

95 AJ Vanegas, RHP NR 78

96 Tony Rizzotti, RHP NR 180

97 Aaron Brown, LHP NR 99

99 Rowdy Tellez, 1B NR 59 (I love this name)

NR Jacob Brentz, LHP 45 80

NR Adam Plutko, RHP 77 179

NR Garrett Hampson, SS 98 84

NR Jordan Sheffield, RHP NR 88

NR Cal Quantrill, RHP NR 90

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Is it me or is it every year we never pick popular guys (other than the first round) on the national lists? I wonder if teams look at those or just ignore them altogether.

Anyone know if Clemens kid was drafted?

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Is it me or is it every year we never pick popular guys (other than the first round) on the national lists? I wonder if teams look at those or just ignore them altogether.

Anyone know if Clemens kid was drafted?

Teams mostly ignore them altogether, I think.

Kacy Clemens has not been drafted yet.

Sicnarf Loopstok, on the other hand, just went to the Indians.

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Many of these guys probably know a thing or two about talent or they wouldn't be a source for info. I agree, they are probably ignored but seems silly not to at least use as a reference.

They are mostly ignored. The baseball guys who do this are scouts.

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    • I guess he has recovered from his illness! Good news. 
    • They were off today, and yesterday they dropped Bobby Witt (234/268/417) down to 5th in the batting order for the first time all year, but on the good side for them Nick Pratto is doing a lot better in his 2nd year, and has been hot enough to take the leadoff role.     The .294 team OBP remains MLB-worst, not that that stopped them from getting a bunch of runs off Orioles pitching the first time. ESPN has no one listed for Sunday, and earlier this week they used Carlos Hernandez as an opener followed by another middle reliever.     We have a maybe Austin Voth, maybe not scenario for Saturday, so the pitching matchups are as cloudy as the air this week except Wells v. Lynch tomorrow. Lynch and Singer to open the series have some talent - it will be just Lynch's 3rd game of the year (13 K in first 10 innings) after a March shoulder strain put him out two months.     Brady Singer was a 2022 star and Team USA top dog who got off to a terrible start, but has been better lately.       They are coming in cold, having dropped a series at home to "road Colorado Rockies" and been swept in Miami. Ryan Mountcastle's 0-for-4 today took him to 227/264/421 to holy cow hit the exacta on matching Bobby Witt's OPS entering the series. Rosenthal reported earlier this week KCR have let it be known they wouldn't mind sending $$$ away with Aroldis, and high paid players on their Club are Greinke and Lyles at $8.5mm, assuming franchise icon Sal Perez is staying put.     Otherwise only the closer, Scott Barlow, and an injured SP are at even $5mm+.         
    • Due my life schedule I (regretfully) do not get as much time as I wish for the Orioles . But before I went to take care of some things this afternoon I checked in on the O's score in the 6th inning and saw they where losing 3-0 . I checked on the Final Score around 9PM and was actually SURPRISED to see that they won the Game ! Now my family and friends have ....for decades ...Nicknamed me " Mr. Pessimist"( and rightfully so). That being said I AM Starting to believe that this team IS CAPABLE of winning 90+ games this season ..... So LETS GO O's !!!!!!!!!!
    • Was just pinch hit for late in the game. Really hope not for injury. And even the "easing him back in" theory doesnt really stand up. Been back for almost a week, would think he would have clearance to play a whole game especially since it was the 8th inning.. saving him for one inning????
    • I’m super encouraged by them avoiding the split today for whatever the reason. If it was clear that he didn’t have command of it in the pen as Cakes speculated, then so be it. I’d much rather take his predictable 101 than a hang-to-bang split, no matter how good it can be sometimes. Really excited by his ninth today. 
    • Thanks. It definitely "feels" low
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