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34rd Round Pick - Parker Bugg - RHP - Rancho Bernardo HS (CA)

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He is the same height as Jim Johnson, has a very similar throwing motion as Jim Johnson, and gets very similar results (at least from the videos posted above) as Jim Johnson. I hope he signs and can become a starter.

You're new to posting here so I have no idea if it was intentional or not but...

That last sentence was brilliant.

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I'm a little bit confused by his arm action, specifically the angle at which his right arm stays bent the entirety of his delivery. Seems kind of like a TJ waiting to happen, and I can't imagine it's the most efficient way to throw a baseball. I like his overall package right now, especially for a 34th rounder, but that delivery doesn't look great and I'd imagine cleaning it up would be close to a necessity if he's going to have a career.

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Bugg has a scholarship to LSU so it's pretty apparent that this is a flier taken by the Orioles. Whatever his number is, it's got to be pretty high so the chances of the Orioles saving enough money in the top ten rounds in order to afford him is pretty low.

"Bugg was 5-1 this spring at Rancho Bernado High, with a 0.90 ERA, 39 strikeouts and 7 walks in 39 innings. He didn't appear in a game after April 11." http://parkerbugg.com/louisana_state_university

He had a stress fracture somewhere in the lower part of his body that took him out of action and cost him the rest of his season. Apparently this is an injury that has occurred before, so there is a bit of an injury red flag with this guy.

I imagine he'll need to go to LSU and pitch injury free for three years to get past those concerns.'

I'd say the chances of this kid signing is very slim to none.

Good kid though judging by his website.

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Bugg was drafted in the 27th round by the Marlins in 2016. 


2016	21	-0.6	2 Teams	2 Lgs	A--A	MIA	1	0	1.000	3.71	3.71	19	0	9	0	0	4	34.0	23	14	14	0	8	0	27	2	0	7	136	0.912	6.1	0.0	2.1	7.1	3.38

2016	21	-0.4	Batavia	NYPL	A-	MIA	0	0		3.66	3.66	11	0	7	0	0	4	19.2	13	8	8	0	3	0	16	1	0	6	78	0.814	5.9	0.0	1.4	7.3	5.33

2016	21	-0.9	Greensboro	SALL	A	MIA	1	0	1.000	3.77	3.77	8	0	2	0	0	0	14.1	10	6	6	0	5	0	11	1	0	1	58	1.047	6.3	0.0	3.1	6.9	2.20

All Levels (1 Season)				1	0	1.000	3.71	3.71	19	0	9	0	0	4	34.0	23	14	14	0	8	0	27	2	0	7	136	0.912	6.1	0.0	2.1	7.1	3.38


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    • Let me first apologize to those not old enough to have experienced the following experiences from the 70's, since these might only apply to those of us who are 50+......did anyone else on here enjoy these?? 1. The Oriole bird comic drawings on the front page of the Sunpaper the morning after every game, capturing the result of the game and either showing the cartoon Bird beating up the other team, or getting somehow destroyed by them depending on the outcome of the previous day's game. 2. The line scores on the front page of sports section the morning after a west coast game, where the first 4 or 5 innings were in Sunpaper print font, and the last few innings and game totals were literally written in before the paper was printed. 3. The weekly Sporting News Magazine filled with box scores from the entire week.  I'm an accountant. in real life.....and back then, I lived for that stuff. 4. The Baseball crossword puzzles in the Baseball Digest...... Anyone remember those days??  Any others people would like to add??? 
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