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Gotta love what Caleb Joseph is doing this year

Flacco Machado

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Yes, I know. He turns 27 yrs. old tomorrow. He' been at Bowie for 3 years now. He's not a top prospect...blah, blah, blah. But, dude is flat-out tearing it up this year. Already at a career high in HR's with 13. OPS is above .900. I know his defense isn't the greatest, but this guy deserves a shot either backing up Wieters, or at the very least, a promotion to Norfolk. I feel like he's Bowie's version of Crash Davis. Sentenced to be in the minors his entire career, despite putting up good stats. Give this man a shot! His comp may be Jeff Tackett or Mark Parent, and he may only start twice a month in Baltimore, but he has earned his stripes. Let's see what he can do.

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I've gotten the impression that the O's don't view him having the defensive chops at catcher.

I'm thinking that too. But, damn, he can't be that bad. The way he's hitting this year can't be ignored. Tony, do you have any insight on Joseph? If so, how does the O's brass feel about him?

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If that's the case then it seems he'd have value at 1B or DH. Those are very impressive offensive numbers.

He's 27 and repeating a level for the second time.

I think Caleb is just putting in his time before he can start his second career in coaching. (I hope he is a lifetime O in that capacity)

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    • I don't know the answer for sure, but there is a down side to doing this even if there's no 14+ day wait. Optioning a player to the minor leagues causes his salary to be significantly decreased and pro rated for each day that he is in the minor leagues. For that reason, you wouldn't want to do that to a player like Grayson Rodriguez who has been everything you hoped for since he worked his way back up to MLB into the rotation, and we will be relying on him in the playoffs. Player & team morale is important to consider. If it were a different (bullpen) player who was less significant, then that I could see that as a possibility. They could also have Flaherty and/or Irvin start one/two of the games to rest starter's arms in the last week if they set it up right.
    • You act like Elias/Hyde/Holt don't know Means when they have known him for 5 years.   They know his character.  They  have seen him at his best.  They have worked with him through his recovery.   And it looks like they will see him through this next week and in the playoffs.   They have a strong basis to make a judgement of an extension this off season.  Whether to do it and how long they are willing to go.  Whether it's all guaranteed money or with some options and bonuses for starts. Means says he wants to win a WS and he will probably not get a better chance to do that than being with the O's.   I don't see him wanting to go FA and I don't think the  O's want him too.  With that said a one year contract does not make much sense.   Two years cuts Means value short.   It probably has to be at least three years.   Maybe with option(s)  for more years.
    • I haven't heard anything recently, but I did notice Bruce Zimmermann is already listed as the Game 1 probable pitcher. https://www.milb.com/gameday/bulls-vs-tides/2023/09/26/738546/preview
    • I could see Westburg getting a lot of OF reps in the off-season 
    • Now that is impressive, because it’s not just Orioles writers and fans dreaming on a guy, it’s an objective third party source.  That’s by far the best showing we’ve had for international prospects at the FCL prospects, even if nobody is a Basallo-level prospect.    The article also mevtons that the O’s had 7 international prospects drafted in the Dominican Winter League, tied for the most of any team.    
    • Warning track flyouts, that should say. (My phone had other thoughts for what I typed)
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