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Travis Ishikawa called up


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I don't see any merit to leaving Ishikawa on the roster for any stretch. His bat is so putrid that it's not worth his excellent defense and an occasional start at 1B or serving as a defensive replacement, considering Davis plays solid defense.

Since Buck very recently was terrified of overusing his bullpen to the point of using Strop and costing us a win, we should be calling up a bullpen guy. Don't like this move. Release Ishikawa and move on. He's not a major league player.

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I'm excited but puzzled.

I really really like the idea of Ishikawa as a pinch hitter off the bench but I don't see him bringing anything more to the table that Dickerson is doing.

Of course, this could also spell doom for Steve Pearce who is no longer the only backup 1B on the squad. He is, however, the only Right handed OF (besides Adam). If he goes, then it's McLouth or Dickerson vs lefties on a regular basis.

So... I'm puzzled. I'm not quite sure what DD and Buck are thinking here but I'm excited to see what Ishi can do.

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My take is that this is just a way to control Ishikawa a bit longer in hopes of packaging him in a trade. I doubt he's on the 25 man for long.

*sniff sniff*

Do I smell trading season in the air?

*sees shadow*

Nope... 6 more weeks before trading begins.

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He's been hitting very well at Norfolk and has a great glove at 1b. Give him a chance to hit verlander tomorrow as a 1b and DH Davis.

Then after that, who knows.

Perhaps Dickerson or Pearce is outrighted and Ishikawa sticks around.

He's a AAAA player just like Dickerson, Pearce and flaherty.

Of course, most people used to consider Davis a AAAA player too when he was with Texas. Ishikawa has the most potential of Pearce, Dickerson and himself IMO.

His defense at 1st is elite if he figures out hitting he'd be a darn good player. I'd think he's the most valuable of any of those players listed in any potential trade.

I would imagine DD and Buck will be busy the next day or two trying to package Arrieta and maybe Ishikawa with another prospect or two for a pitcher.

Whether anyone will want them is an entirely different story.

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