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Toronto Series - Immature Humor


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I did not read through all 6+ pages before me, so many of these things issues may have been erected all ready, so I apologize in advance. But I just wanted to recap some of my observations so we can all masticate on them for a while, and to clear up any premature conceptions:

1) Toronto's staff has not been very impressive this year

2) BJs is short for Blue Jays

3) Toronto's colors are blue and white, the same colors as a box of viagra

4) If the game isn't over in 4 hours, yes do call a doctor

5) Johnny Cochran is NOT the team's lawyer

6) Toronto does not like to have rubber games at home, but prefers them on the road. Absolutely required in Boston.

7) Toronto does not lead the league in premature ejections, but that could change after they read this thread. :D

8) Toronto is a big fan of the squeeze bunts, but not the suicide sacrifice or the baltimore chops.

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Think what will happen when these Jays' pitchers face the Mariners. I understand there's some bad feeling between the two teams, and the Mariners' clumsy manipulation will increase friction and inflame the members of the Toronto pitching staff, who will threaten to rise up and shoot their seamen.

I am still chuckling from the time Fister was swapped for Furbush. And now this? I may not make it through the weekend.

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