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The Strop experiment needs to end...


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I was very satisfied with how competitive tonight's game was until we decided to put Strop in (i.e., until we decided to hand the game to the Jays).

What is Strop's role on the team at this point? Posing with puppies for the pet calendar?

He seems like a nice guy and all, and usually I don't like these "reactionary"/beath-the-dead-horse threads, but dear Lord. He really is useless right now.

And he has been for quite some time.

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VERY baffling move. I don't think any of us expected him to be back in a situation like that before he proved himself over a much more significant number of outings. Inexcusable move putting him in the game in that situation.

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Tommy Hunter gave up a home run to the worst offensive player in baseball. They earned that loss.

Even though Hunter's given up his fair share of gopher balls, the combination of how effective he's been and the unlikelihood of that particular batter squaring one up makes that a non-issue in retrospect (IMO).

Strop's track record, however, made a loss the expected outcome.

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He pitches to one batter. Orioles score in top of the 10th.

He locks down the bottom of the 10th.


Most teams save their closer for at least a couple innings into extras when they're they away team, either for a save situation, or if they're getting short in the bullpen and close to using a long man if the game is going really long.

I agree that Strop shouldn't have been used. He shouldn't be with the organization.

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